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Consultant Facilitator Communication Strategy Development for ACTION

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Consultant Facilitator Communication Strategy Development for ACTION.


Hivos Southeast Asia is an International non-governmental organization guided by humanist values and seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. It aims at structural poverty alleviation with a strong focus on civil society building and sustainable economic development. Hivos works with local organizations to contribute to a free, fair and sustainable world.

In achieving that goal, Hivos provides support for civil society organizations and community-based organizations, as Hivos believes that these organizations are best placed to connect marginalized communities to government and private sector support. This will ensure government funding and assistance reach their intended destinations and fill in the gaps where government efforts fall short. This is what Hivos is doing through a new project called ACTION, Active Citizens Building Solidarity and Resilience in Response to COVID-19.

It is aimed at increasing the participation of CSOs in preventing, addressing and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities associated with COVID-19 crisis. The specific objective is to enhance poor and marginalized community resilience and solidarity in responding to COVID-19 impacts.

In implementing the activity, there will be a variety of communications activities carry out during the project period, from July 2020 to July 2022. While each organization has its own backgrounds, communications objectives, needs and target groups, the consortium needs to consider these differences. Therefore, it is essential to collaborate in planning communication strategies for the project. The common strategies will contribute to the success of ACTION project’s communication goals and objectives until the end of the program, as well as the sustainability after the program period ends.

To help reach that purpose, Hivos will organize a workshop to develop a communication strategy document. Hence this will need to hire a communication consultant (a team) to facilitate the workshop and subsequently compile all the input to produce a Communication Strategy, Plan and Visibility document for ACTION to be used for the entire duration of the project. In the workshop, all organizations will discuss each of their communications best practices; identify their programmatic and communications objectives and needs; and unify common communications strategy and plan which aligns with the EU communications guidelines.


The overall tasks of the communication consultant are as follows:

  • To facilitate workshops among the consortium member organizations
  • To develop a communication strategy documents based on the workshops

The objective of the communication strategy document is to have an agreed strategy, plan and visibility guidelines to communicate ACTION  messages to public through communication and media materials.

Scope of Work

The communication consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Developing a syllabus for a 3-day communication workshops in consultation with ACTION team
  • Facilitating 3-days communication workshops for consortium members
  • Developing a document of communication strategy, plan and visibility


Day-1 (Approximately 7 hours)

Introduction: Purpose of the workshop

Analysis and ranking: Current situation; trends and developments; SWOT; key stakeholders

Desired outcomes: Program and communication objectives; target audiences; expected results

Day-2 (Approximately 7 hours)

Strategy: Strategic choices; core messages; communication principles; requirements

Action Plan: Activity plan; timeline; capacity plan; information dissemination; sustainability

Communication activities: Project’s communications deliverables for each term

Day-3 (Approximately 7 hours)

Communication tools: Project branding, visual identity tools and logo usage for all outputs

Evaluation: Methods, indicators, and roles of each organizations

Templates: Discussing templates for all planned materials


The communication consultant shall provide:

  • Preparation to gather basic information from all consortium member organizations and EU guidelines; prepare necessary worksheets for initial information gathering; and development of brief outline of communication strategy document
  • Facilitation of 3-day workshops on ACTION’s communication strategy and plan
  • Post workshop: compilation of strategies and workplan based on the workshops; A final document of communication strategy (in consultation with Hivos team)

The document of communication strategy includes three chapters that consist of:

1. Communications Strategy

  • Analysis and ranking: Current situation; trends and developments; SWOT; key stakeholders
  • Desired outcomes: Program and communication objectives; target audiences and expected results
  • Strategy: Strategy choices; core messages; communication principles; requirements
  • Action Plan: Activity plan for each target group; timeline; capacity plan, information dissemination; sustainability

2. Project Activities related to communication and visibility

  • Communication activities
  • Communication tools: project branding, visual identity tools and logo usage for all outputs
  • Evaluation: methods, indicators, and roles of each organizations

3. Templates: event announcement, PPT, designs.

Implementation Method

The workshop will use participatory approach. The workshop will be delivered in Bahasa Indonesia.

Due to COVID-19 situation, the development of communication strategy and work plan will all be conducted virtually.


The maximum budget for this activity is EUR 4,000 all inclusive.

Knowledge and Requirements

The service provider must comply with the following qualifications:

  • Indonesian nationals, fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience with communications expertise
  • Proven experience of developing and producing a communication strategy, plan, campaign, visibility and other related topics
  • Knowledge of and current topics on COVID-19 response program with civil society organizations and marginalized communities is an advantage
  • Experience in facilitating workshops for NGO working in relevant issues is an advantage

How to apply?

Interested candidates should submit the Expression of Interest, budget proposal, brief workplan and timeline (stages in bullet points), portfolio, CV (of each personnel for a team), company profile (for a company) to [email protected] by 24 November 2020 (CoB) with “ACTION Communication Consultant” as the subject of the email.

Applications without any proposal will be excluded from the selection process

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

For more information about Hivos Southeast Asia, visit https://www.hivos.org/