About Yayasan Humanis

Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial or Humanis is a Jakarta-based organization that works across the Southeast Asia region. We are committed to building just and sustainable societies where every individual enjoys their fundamental rights and is free from threat of environmental degradation and climate change.

We are a collective of individual who firmly believes that inclusive and gender-sensitive approach are fundamental ingredients in our activism.

Core Values

Core Values

Freedom and Dignity

Freedom and Dignity

Every human being has the right to live in freedom and dignity, regardless of their sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or socio-economic position. People should have freedom to believe what they want and be who they are, voice their opinions, and challenge and influence the established order.

Responsible Citizenship​

Responsible Citizenship​

People have rights as well as duties and responsibilities. We must respect and take care of other people, nearby and far away, and live life without damaging the common good, including nature.

Self Determination and Diversity

Self Determination and Diversity

People and communities should be able to make choices and decisions based on their own preferences and interests. Each individual is unique, and these individual differences are something to cherish and protect.

Equality and Justice

Equality and Justice

People are not the same, but we are equal. We should be treated and treat others as such. Equality should be reflected in the way our social, economic and legal systems work.

Sustainable Use of Our Planet’s Resources

Sustainable Use of Our Planet’s Resources

We must move beyond reducing negative impacts and work actively to restore and preserve the environment, its biodiversity, and the planet’s natural resources. The future of every living creature depends on this.

Where We Work


As full-fledged and independent local NGO the Foundation works across Southeast Asia to support and empower vulnerable and marginalized groups and individuals–including women, girls, people with disabilities, sexual and gender minority groups, indigenous communities, youth, and elderly people—to claim their rights and hold governments and other powerholders to account. We work on the three main areas of Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (GEDI), Civic Rights in the Digital Age and Climate Justice. Our programs currently focus mainly on Indonesia, Philippines, Timor-Leste and Myanmar.


Humanis, a Jakarta-based regional non-governmental entity, has a rich history in Indonesia. It was initially established as Hivos in 2004 and later evolved into Humanis in 2021. Since then, we have been working tirelessly across every corner of Indonesia, striving to create more inclusive and just societies. Humanis, a national foundation headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, is registered under the Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. This official recognition solidifies our legal status and underscores our unwavering commitment to our mission.

The Philippines

We operate in the Philippines to ensure that gender-diverse individuals and communities can strive and have equal opportunity for all. We work across the Philippines to ensure everyone can enjoy their rights and realize their full potential regardless of their identity. Amplifying the voices of local communities, we aspire to be a part of civil society to advance the rights of the most impacted communities and exercise their rights. In the Philippines, we have been operating since 2017 through Voice and the Free to Be Me program.


In Timor-Leste, Humanis has a strong and enduring history of advocating for a better society with a focus on gender-responsivity. We champion safe spaces for women and gender-diverse individuals, a cause that has been recognized by the government of Timor-Leste. Our role in the CSG-TL program is to empower local civil societies and communities, fostering an environment where female-led organizations can advance women’s rights and combat gender-based violence for gender justice.


In Vietnam, we fight for affordable energy in rural areas. We explore how customer-owned energy appliances can be integrated into the energy grid with the aim of improving profitability, amplifying grid performance, and maximizing the use of renewables. Village Energy’s platform will ensure real-time monitoring and automation of appliances in a way that is both easy and affordable. As Indonesia and Vietnam pivot towards a sustainable shift from fossil fuels, such initiatives stand at the forefront of this green energy transition. In Vietnam, we operate through the Village Energy program.


In Myanmar, we fight for climate justice for all. In 2014, Myanmar established two plans to raise the electrification rate from 30 to 100 percent by 2030. The first, the National Electrification Plan (NEP), is supported by World Bank IDA, and the second, the National Electricity JICA supports the National Energy Master Plan (NEMP). Both plans focus on extending the centralized grid. Yet, places where the central grid exists are marked by power cuts and unaffordable connection fees for rural customers. With this opportunity, Humanis embarked on its journey for accessible and affordable resources for all!

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