Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Activity Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (AMEL) Officer

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Activity Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (AMEL) Officer.

Creative Youth for Tolerance (CREATE) program aims to improve pluralism and tolerance in schools. Inspired by humanist values, Hivos will implement CREATE that facilitates multi-actor collaboration and partnerships to address interreligious and interethnic harmony in Indonesia. CREATE adopts an innovative arts and culture-based approach as an entry point for efforts to promote tolerance and pluralism at the secondary school level, enhances the capacity and will among young people to constructively manage differences, and provides a counterweight to the intolerant messaging students get from other sources.

 Aim of the job

The AMEL Officer is responsible for the monitoring, evaluation and learning dimension of CREATE and operates in accordance with Hivos policy and donor requirements. The AMEL officer works closely with Design, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (DMEL) Coordinator of Hivos and Program Manager to identify and formulate phases of the project to ensure proper planning, results and indicator formulation using the SMART concept. S/He translates the project’s Theory of Change into tangible indicators for monitoring and evaluation; analyses, validates and aggregates output, outcomes and learning in all phases of the primary processes including generate insights which will be used to adapt strategies and approaches at the level of target groups and programs, in close partnership with Project Manager and other positions (Project Officer, Gender and Inclusion Officer, Com Officer).

The AMEL Officer participate in all aspects of evaluations and/or assessment, validation and improvement of CREATE performance during the project cycle which includes but is not limited to: planning and arranging logistical arrangements for data collection, leading the selection of sites to be visited, attending tool training workshops, leading quantitative, qualitative and participatory data collection efforts in the field, supervising the execution of field studies and ensuring the reliability and validity of data collected therein.

The AMEL Officer will identify methods through which beneficiaries can be more involved in defining program success indicators, and monitoring program progress management of collective communication approaches, working with program staff to ensure these are used effectively.

The AMEL Officer will also facilitate and coordinate the Linking and Learning event(s) to promote connections among target groups and other stakeholders, as well as provide space to reflect, articulate and share lessons and support their practical application.

The AMEL Officer will produce timely reports and updates and write success stories and lessons learned, as required

Knowledge, experiences and competencies

  • Relevant higher professional education level of working and thinking (Bachelor degree or equivalent)
  • Relevant work experience: 3-5 years.
  • Experience with project and programme management.
  • Extensive experience working in PME/thematic area.
  • Work experience in an international environment.
  • Experience in designing and facilitating linking and learning activities; including applying linking and learning methodologies and inclusive facilitation
  • Knowledge of and affinity with social inclusion, marginalization, influencing, and capacity development

 What do we offer?

An inspiring and dynamic working environment, dedicated colleagues and the possibility to work for an ambitious new international initiative.

AMEL Officer graded in Grade: 9-10 (from 1-13 Hivos’s SEA salary grade).