Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Call for Concept Notes – Partner for Amplifying Voice for Just Climate Action

Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial is an Indonesian organization affiliated with Hivos, born out of an active collaboration between Netherlands based Hivos and several like-minded Indonesian academics and civil society leaders who subscribe to the values and mission of Hivos. The purpose is to promote humanist values in the social, health, and cultural fields which is defined in terms of the ability for each individual to assess and decide independently and responsibly, the right to freedom, dignity and a passion to create a just and tolerant society. Yayasan Humanis seeks qualified candidates of organizations for:

Title                              :  Partner for Amplifying Voice for Just Climate Action

Focus Area                   :  East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and national level

Report to                      :  AVJCA Country Engagement Manager

Amplifying Voice for Just Climate Action Implementation Strategies

Yayasan Humanis is looking for partners that interested on joint advocacy works such as documenting local solutions, developing narratives and use these to influence policies and support locally-shaped climate solutions. Also, we are looking partners that could contribute to the achievement of the programme objective which is “by 2025, civil society groups at local-to-national levels including climate actors (women and men) have been recognized and supported as empowered innovators, facilitators, and become government strategic partners to realize an inclusive, effective, and sustainable just transition”.

We will support national and sub-national partners to build coalitions with local civil society actors (including formal, informal, CSOs, CBOs, Small-Medium Entrepreneur Association, grassroots organisations, knowledge institution, etc.) for five years (2021-2025). It is important to think in coalitions to include unfamiliar groups and bridge divides (national-local, urban-rural, gender, youth), to amplify the voices for just climate action.

The partnership will give a strong focus on learning, capacity building, and adaptive management throughout the planning and implementation phases. In-depth understanding of the context is essential, and theory of change will be use to show how and why the desired change is expected to happen. However, we work in complex environments. Therefore, the ability to adapt to the changing context is critical for a project, and the theory of change will be reviewed regularly. In addition, the adaptive management approach will provide the flexibility for civil society grantees to adapt to changing circumstances and contexts.

The implementation of the programme is also influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic which we suspect will not subside in the coming years. The pandemic has accelerated the use of video-conferencing tools for meetings and exchange. Therefore, we will reduce the amount of air travel and domestic transport to the extent possible. However, most community-based organizations and rural people have limited access to the internet and mobile services. If they do, the bandwidth needed for video connection is too high making the connection unreliable and expensive. Therefore, such meetings could still be in person. Also, the local COVID-19 context will be taken into account and meetings will only take place if the local situation allows it, if we can take the local COVID-19 policies into account and appropriate safety measures can be taken.

Who is eligible to apply?

  1. Coalitions, networks, consortium, and alliances with a locally registered non-profit Indonesia organization with an operational bank account in the applicant’s name as the lead applicant. It is not required for other members of the coalitions to be registered organizations.
  2. Locally registered non-profit Indonesian organizations
  3. Applicant with a clean human rights record and has a track record on developing and advocating for locally shaped climate solutions
  4. Applicant with ability to link to and mobilize larger networks or capacity to access, mobilize, convene, and influence power holders
  5. It will be considered favorable if the coalitions/organizations:
    • Have prior experience carrying out activities in the priority area (NTT).
    • Includes actors not traditionally working in climate justice issue, but that have skills and tools which are relevant and/or scalable
    • Reflects a diverse perspective and alternative approaches which will strengthen the wider climate justice movement and advocacy
    • Led by or who work with the women groups, youth, person with disabilities, or other marginalized groups.
    • Willing to collaborate with others to influence stronger impacts and to build capacity over time and jointly develop and implement a capacity strengthening plan.

Excluded to submit are:

  • International organizations.

Programme duration

The selected partners are expected to support the programme for period between 48-50 months from 2021 – 2025


The indicative budget  is between EUR 250.000 and EUR 600.000 for the whole programme duration.

Information session

For more details, join our information session on Wednesday, 5th May 2021 at 10:00 WIB.

Please register through this following link to join the session: http://bit.ly/InfoJCA

How to apply?

Interested organizations can find further information online at https://bit.ly/3gBy04G. You will find a link to access the relevant information and templates. The deadline for submissions is 4th June 2021. The application consists of the following documents:

  • Concept note narrative including track record (relevant experience last 3 years) (template)
  • Indicative budget (template)
  • Registration certificate (lead applicant)
  • Audited reports and management letters for the past 3 years (lead applicant)
  • Organogram of organization (lead applicant)

Concept note should be submitted following the template. It could be written in Bahasa or English. The application should be submitted to [email protected] and cc to: [email protected] with the email subject shall be: AVJCA_ (name of lead organization).