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Communication Consultant for SD4ALL Program

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Communication Consultant for SD4ALL Program.


In January 2016, Hivos together with IIED launched a 5-year strategic partnership with the Dutch Government to transform the food system and promote sustainable diets. Sustainable diets are healthy and diverse, respectful of ecosystems, culturally acceptable and economically fair and affordable for all. Together with civil society organizations, the program aims to influence the policies and practices of governments and the private sector. The program supports civil society organizations to increase their capacity to influence policy and practices of market and government actors through citizen research, action and related advocacy to promote sustainable diets for all.

The program also supports civil society organizations to work with frontrunner movements, companies, local governments and the media to generate change at both the producer and consumer level. It will engage with farmers, food vendors, governments, private sector and other civil society organizations to create coalitions of the willing for resilient and diverse regions and cities.



The Communication Consultant (or consultant team) develops communication materials on (and where possible disseminates) a number of past, recent and upcoming events and activities throughout the regions where SD4All projects are being implemented, including in Bandung (with the New Generation of Indonesian Cooking pilot project), Jember (with Tanoker Foundation), as well as potential linkage with the activities under Switch Asia Local Harvest project that include four other cities including Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Medan and Makassar.



The following are the expected deliverables from the consultant:

August 2019

  • Create a 30-second video featuring a young entrepreneur working in the sustainable food sector, with circular economy as the main theme
  • Support Hivos and Tanoker in drafting/disseminating the results from the Food Diary research
  • Create a compilation of photo stories from NGIC’s involvement in the Keuken Festival and produce a blog for Hivos website and potentially another external website
  • Develop stories based on three original interview transcripts of videos regarding healthy, sustainable food for children

September 2019

  • Create a compilation of photo stories from the Jember Stilt Festival’s Culinary Competition and
  • Produce a blog for Hivos website and potentially another external website
  • Support the publication/launching/dissemination of SD4All Indonesia video in both Jember and national level
  • Support the SD4All partners in creating ‘stories of change

October/November 2019

  • Create a compilation of photo stories from the National Local Harvest Festival and
  • Produce a blog for Hivos website
  • Coordinate with Hivos and partners to campaign and publish about the Local Harvest Festival in social media and national newspaper, including at least one news item/coverage in a major print media.
  • Support the SD4All partners in creating ‘stories of change

August-November 2019

  • Systematize the publication materials in 2019 to be used for reporting
  • Coordinate with Hivos SEA Communication Officer on branding guideline and content

November 2019

  • Create a narrative report that includes documentation on process, results, evaluation, and recommendations.


Qualifications and Experiences

We are seeking an Indonesian person/team/organization (preferably based in the Greater Jakarta area) with the following qualities:

  • Affinity for Hivos’ vision and mission and are driven by a strong motivation to contribute to real and lasting change.
  • Knowledge of and experience in the field of international development cooperation and excellent skills in the development and implementation of communication strategies.
  • Interest and knowledge in sustainable food issues.
  • Know how to reach target groups in local and national level through innovative and conventional media.
  • Excellent writing and organizational skills.
  • 5 years of working experience, in particular with corporate and campaigning, communication, copywriting for another similar website and use of social media.
  • Proven experience and skills in photography and short video production
  • Strong communicator in both English and Bahasa.
  • Innovative and flexible and able to work in a complex environment with multiple stakeholders and international partners.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, excellent knowledge of corporate communication and branding, experience with content management systems, and preferably with image editing.