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Consultant for Capacity Assessment of We Lead’s Partners

Hivos Southeast Asia (Hivos SEA) seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of Consultant for Capacity Assessment of We Lead’s Partners.


Women’s Voice and Leadership project is multi-year funding initiated by Hivos Southeast Asia and Just Associates (JASS) started on 2019 until 2023. The goal of the project is improved enjoyment of human rights by women and girls and the advancement of gender equality in Indonesia. In the implementation of the project, we collaborate with five advocacy-focused Indonesian women’s rights organizations (WROs) – Rahima, Fahmina, Rumah KitaB, Perempuan Mahardhika, and FAMM Indonesia- with strong legitimacy among their constituencies and the broader community.

In this project, We Lead, Hivos, working in partnership with Just Associates-Southeast Asia (JASS), will support capacity and activities of 5 (five) women’s rights organization on organizational management and programmatic aspects to build organizational management capacity that responsive and sustainable; build programmatic capacity to advocate policies lead to greater gender equality and promote gender justice and tolerance; as well as capacity on the alliance building and networks that addressing discriminatory belief and harmful practices in Indonesia.

In this preparation stage, Hivos and JASS is taking responsibility to provide capacity building plan in order to strengthen capacity on management organizational and programmatic aspects 5 (five) WROs. Therefore, Organizational and programmatic capacity assessment capacity of 5 (five) WROs will be conducted to capture current situation and capacity of 5 WROs as basis for development of capacity building plan as required by the project.


  • Conduct organizational and programmatic capacity assessment of 5 (five) women’s rights organization as We Lead implementing partners.
  • Provide analysis and recommendation of the capacity improvement issues for 5 (five WROs.
  • Produce narrative report and financial report during the consultancy period.

Scope of Work

  1. Review and analyze the organizational management capacity of 5 (five) WROs; topic covered:

  • Organization Identity and strategy as follow: Vision and mission, Strategic planning meeting and strategic planning document, risk mitigation for the organization sustainability;
  • Governance (Representative of women staff in the organization, organizational structure and each role/responsibility);
  • Human and Financial Resources management;
  • System management;
  • External relation and networking.
  1. Review the capacity on the program strategy, development, and sustainable programming of 5 (five) WROs, in particular on gender justice and tolerance topics as the main topic for We Lead project

  2. Identify the gap and challenge of the capacity of 5 WROs related to programmatic and management issues capacity improvement

  3. Provide recommendation, opportunity and strategy needed by 5 WROs as basis for capacity improvement development plan 5 WROs


  • Experience working with Civil Society Organizations in particular Gender justice, women’s issues, and tolerance;
  • Understands and update on the current situation and context related to the women’s issue;
  • Experience conducting research/assessment at least 3 years;
  • In-depth understanding of capacity development, especially on topics related to public fundraising and financial sustainability;
  • Excellent ability in writing especially in English;
  • Interest and experience in working with issues related to women empowerment, gender based violence, and human rights.


To develop the baseline data, Hivos will hire short-time a consultant to lead the whole process of the mini baseline survey. The process of the baseline survey will be supervised by Hivos and JASS to ensure the process and result. Main methodology used in the survey, however not limited to the following methodology:

  1. Desk review of the main organizational management document:

  • Deed of Establishment
  • Organizational structure
  • Bank statement in the name of the organization
  • Financial SOP
  • Staffing SOP
  • Audit report 3 years before
  • Auditor’s management letter (from audit report 3 years before)
  1. Desk review of the programmatic document:

  • Strategic planning document of each organization
  • Risk and protection mitigation
  • Program report of each organization
  • Annual report of each organization
  • Another documents needed
  1. Interview will be done if necessary to gain any other data needed for enrich and deepen the baseline data.

Time Frame

The chosen consultant will be working an estimate of 8 (eight) working days in July 2019. Hivos will support of the key relevant document needed for mini baseline process.


Budget includes all expenses including the consultant’s honor fee(s) and meeting costs, meeting materials, and other logistical expenditures (ground transportation). All expenses are to be reported in the financial report to be submitted to Hivos at the latest a month after the completion of the contract.