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Consultant for Data Scraping Training & Workshop

Hivos Southeast Asia seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of Consultant for Data Scraping Training & Workshop on Public Information for Advocacy.



The Strategic Partnership Open Contracting programme emphasizes all advocacy activities on data based analysis. It is applied in all priority sectors in order to make create an optimal impact to achieve the goals in advocacy.

In anti-corruption law enforcement sector, advocates regularly analyzes the prosecution and verdict of corruption cases handled by law enforcement officials. In natural resources sector, activists analyzed the data to find the potential loss of state revenue. In goods & services procurement sector, there is a red-flag system for e-procurement data to highlight the risks potential of misappropriation of state spending. All this advocacy based on data availability. The forms and sources of data used are very diverse, including downloading available data from internet, requesting data from relevant agencies, or tabulating the result of field surveys or monitoring.

However, there are still many forms and data sources that are not available yet or cannot be process due to various obstacles, especially related to scattered online data in the web or social media, or offline data in non-standard formats (non-machine readable) like PDF.


Scope of Work

The consultant will prepare a module/ training plan consists of Data Scraping. The training will discuss specific topics on:

  • Scraping & cleaning data
  • Analyze simple & complex data
  • Data visualization by Graphic & Geomapping



Training workplan and/or training module



The training would be conducted in July 2019.


 Knowledge, experiences and competencies

We are seeking an Indonesian team/ individual with the following qualities:

–          Have at least 5 experiences in delivering training on data scraping

–          Have in-depth knowledge of data visualization, scraping and cleaning data, analyze data

–          Good command of English.