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Consultant for Graphic Designer

Hivos  seeks qualified candidates for the position of Consultant for Graphic Designer.



Hivos Southeast Asia and partners have been working to promote and push the implementation of open contracting in Indonesia

To realize open contracting, we need to make sure that the government and the citizens understands the context and importance of the initiative. We also find it important for the people to be aware of the fraud and corruption risk in the procurement sector. Therefore, we collaborate with our local partners and work together with the  National Public Procurement Agency (NPPA) to promote open contracting for government’s procurement projects.

The creation of these knowledge products will give benefits to the public. Citizens, civil society organizations (CSOs), and journalists can reuse the information to monitor government’s spending on public goods and services and advocate for their rights. Government learn from our program  and implement our recommendations to improve the quality of public goods and services.

Hivos Southeast Asia understands that it is necessary to present our knowledge products in a more visually appealing format, not only to catch our audience’s eyes but also make it easier for them to grasp the information presented. Consequently, we need to design and layout our knowledge products, and hire a graphic designer consultant.


Scope of work

The consultant will assist Hivos team to design and layout our knowledge product.



The Consultant will delivers a book regarding public procurement in Indonesia.



Design and layout: 10-25 October 2019


Qualifications and Experiences

  • We are seeking an individual or a team with the following qualities:
  • Has at least 3 years’ experience as graphic designer
  • Has proficiency in software associated with graphic design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, etc)
  • Able to create illustration manually or using digital software
  • Creative and able to propose new idea and design concept