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Consultant for Marginalised Community Financial Access of ACTION Project

Number of Position: 1 (one) team


Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Consultant for Marginalised Community Financial Access of ACTION Project.

Functional Context

ACTION – Active Citizens Building Solidarity and Resilience in Response to COVID-19 is a project funded by the European Union. The project’s main objectives are to enhance poor and marginalised community resilience and solidarity in responding to the impacts of pandemics. The project is implemented by a consortium where Hivos as the coordinator to lead other members consisting of 5 national NGOs, namely: SAPDA, KAPAL Perempuan, CISDI, PUPUK, and PAMFLET.

This project targets marginalized and high-risk populations in rural and urban areas in two phases. Phase one focuses on activities response, such as health care, and water and sanitation systems. Phase two addresses the social and economic recovery. The project will be implemented in 5 provinces in Indonesia, which included Jakarta, South Sulawesi, Yogyakarta, West Nusa Tenggara, and West Java. The duration of ACTION is in 24 months.

The Consultant for Marginalised Community Financial Access falls under the supervision of and reports to the ACTION Project Manager.

The main objective of this assignment is to scale up community fundraising and to expand connections to government financial assistance.

Roles and responsibilities

The consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Strengthen marginalised community capacity to assess needs
  2. Strengthen marginalised community capacity to fundraise and distribute financial assistance
  3. Facilitate connection between marginalized communities and local government officials
  4. Support the marginal groups on the financial proposal development at least one proposal per each CSO and CBOS

Period of work

The period of assignment of this contract is based on a 6-month contract from 1 March 2021 to 31 August 2021.


The maximum budget for this activity is IDR 338,118,000 includes consultant’s fee, transportation, meals, accommodation, and tax.

Knowledge, experiences and competencies

1. Minimum of 7 years of professional experience in conducting participatory community research

2. Knowledge and skill on marginalized community financial access assessment

3. Advance knowledge and skill on fundraising

  • Community donations, government sources
  • Fundraising strategies
  • Principle of transparency and accountability
  • Engaging stakeholders, public figures and “influencers”
  • Support system: establishing a website, bank account, hotline, or a warehouse for physical donations (e.g. staple foods)
  • Proposal development for SMEs and small business entity

4. Experience in establishing online assessment platform

5. Proven experience with logical frameworks and other strategic planning (including quantitative, qualitative and participatory).

  • At least 3 years’ experience in gender and human rights issues, with good program design skills, including capacity to prepare logical, coherent and consistent documents.
  • Capacity to work in a multi-disciplinary team, including coordinating technical input into a framework.
  • Ability to work rapidly, both in person and remotely, with team members in various locations.

6. Experience in community advocacy to government relating to financial assistance


For more detailed Term of Reference (ToR) information please click the following link: http://bit.ly/37I7zW2


How to apply?

Interested candidates should submit the Expression of Interest, CV, and Proposal, to [email protected] no later than 1 February 2021 with “ACTION Financial Access Consultant” as the subject of the email. Applications without any proposal will be excluded from the selection process.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

For more information about Hivos Southeast Asia, visit https://www.hivos.org

Opened position for national level / Indonesian nationality.