Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Consultant for Mentor for Investigative and Citizen Journalism

Hivos seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of Mentor for Investigative and Citizen Journalism.


Hivos is leading SPEAK (Strengthening Public Services through Empowerment of Women-led Advocacy and Social Audit Networks) project with the overall objective to institutionalize constructive and effective citizen participation in the planning and implementation of local budgets to better address structural poverty.

As media plays an important role in making public procurement more transparent and accountable, a stronger and a more data-driven groups of journalists and media is required. Hivos will work to develop a network of local journalists to report on corruption in public procurement, and investigate on citizen journalist reports.

At the same time, there is an opportunity of collaboration between journalists and citizen journalism to reduce potential of corruption in public procurement process. For this reason, citizens need to be actively encouraged to carry out citizen journalism activities that will support the monitoring process.

Both fellowship for journalists and trainings for citizen journalism activity will be held in 6 cities in Indonesia with the main focus to monitor public procurement in education and health sectors.

We call for interest for media fellow to provide mentorship in our fellowship program to encourage young journalists to improve data driven reporting/investigation in their work as well as to provide coaching for citizen/community groups in their respective areas

 Roles and Responsibilities

A. For investigative journalism and media fellowship

  • To produce of investigative journalism training module
  • To conduct investigative journalism training in 6 cities for local journalists.
  • To select the investigative training participants to join the fellowship program using their investigative report proposals as part of the selection criteria.
  • To provide coaching and mentorship for the investigative journalist fellow
  • To assist in publishing the investigative report in the media at the end of the fellowship program.

B. For citizen journalism

  • To serve as judge in story proposal competition for the community
  • To produce citizen journalism training module
  • To conduct citizen journalism training with women & youth group as the key target of participants as part of the roadshow
  • To provide mentorship or coaching for the winner of citizen journalism in each city
  • To assist in publishing the citizen journalism story and submit it to JAGA KPK platform and other complaint handling mechanism platform


  • Training module for investigative journalism
  • Training module for citizen journalism
  • Analysis of training report investigative journalism
  • Analysis of investigative report
  • Analysis of activity report on citizen journalism
  • 12 published investigative report in media outlets
  • 12 submitted citizen journalism report to JAGA KPK

Knowledge, experiences and competencies

The requirements for the Candidate are the followings:

  • Experience in providing training for journalists and media
  • Experience in providing coaching for media fellowship
  • Vast understanding in investigative and citizen journalism
  • Experience in transparency issue is an advantage
  • Ability to work independently and take initiatives, but also a team worker
  • Knowledge of major software applications (Excel, Word)
  • Able to travel as required
  • Good command of English.

Contract type

The Candidate will be working as Consultant who will work on an on-call basis in the duration of 2 years (April 2019 – March 2020), with possible extension.