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Consultant for Trainer for Lobby and Advocacy Training

Hivos seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of Consultant for Trainer for Lobby and Advocacy Training.



At the end of 2017, Hivos and the European Union (EU) signed a grant agreement for SWITCH Asia – Local Harvest: Promoting Sustainable and Equitable Consumption and Local Food System in Indonesia – DCI-ACA/2017/391-649. The project aimed at a significant shift in consumption patterns towards sustainable and ethically sourced food products in Indonesia is stimulated by increased knowledge and awareness of consumers about the impacts of their food choices; increased capacities of food MSMEs and producers – including women and indigenous people – to penetrate markets; and a favorable policy environment for uptake of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices in the food sector. It will be implemented by Hivos and its partners: ASPPUK, AMAN, NTFP-EP Indonesia and WWF.

One of the result areas of the program includes the support and adoption from national and local governments on policies and guidelines to promote SCP of green, healthy, fair and local food products. The interrelated activity elements can be seen below.

This activity builds on Hivos existing multi-stakeholder ‘Food Lab’ approach, implemented throughout its Sustainable Diets for All program, in Bandung and Jember since 2017. The platforms will be established in areas in the five cities where campaign activities will focus, and in two districts where we reach large numbers of producers, market traders and local consumers.

The Sustainable Diets for All program launched a Citizen Agency and Advocacy toolkit during the course of 2018.  The first phase of roll out supported Hivos advocacy leads in country and partners in defining citizen agency and exploring how to identify citizen led advocacy happening within their program as well as discuss how citizen led advocacy work could be further developed or deepened in the last phase of the program’s work. We are now entering phase two of the Citizen Agency and Advocacy toolkit roll-out by launching an Citizen Agency & Advocacy Learning Program, which will run from July 2019 to January 2020.

The program will aim to support and refine implementation of national and local advocacy by leveraging citizen agency approaches.

The objective is to create a citizen agency and advocacy capacity building program that uses the toolkit to provide tailored support to selected staff across the program in three areas:

  • To strengthen citizen agency and advocacy understanding in the SD4A program.
  • To identify or create space for citizen agency integration into partners existing advocacy plans.
  • Review and sharpen advocacy strategic approaches, in consultation with constituent groups.



The Trainer Consultant is to co-facilitate the implementation of the Citizen Agency & Advocacy Learning Program in Indonesia over the period July 2019 to January 2020, using the Citizen Agency and Advocacy Learning Toolkit as a key resource and with support from IIED’s Advocacy and Communications Officer and Hivos’ advocacy lead.

Specific objectives include:

  1. Capacity building of two selected individuals from program partners on lobby and advocacy through one face to face meeting and remote coaching based on the Citizen Agency and Advocacy Toolkit;
  2. Support program activity (national partner level) by:

–     Facilitating networked advocacy between partners that would include (a) – incubating ideas and co-creating messages and content and (b) peer review and mutual critique of work.

–     Sharpening advocacy strategies and approaches, ensuring they are shaped by citizens that work in or use the local food system.

  1. Facilitation of an advocacy workshop with learners from the program and other partners at the end of the program in order to share learning and experiences.
  2. Documenting and disseminating learning to IIED and Hivos on the citizen agency and advocacy journey – highlighting good practice, unexpected outcomes, and challenges


Scope of Work

The following are the responsibilities of the consultant.

  • Coordination with Hivos and IIED for the selection of learners for the program and the identification of their capacity building needs (using tools 1 and 2 of the toolkit)
  • Implementation of a learning plan with the learners including face to face meeting/s, tailored support and coaching (monthly), final learning evaluation.
  • Co-facilitation of the final workshop with the Hivos advocacy lead and the learners, including assistance in translation if required
  • Narrative report on lessons learnt from the implementation of the Citizen Agency & Advocacy Learning Program and recommendations for follow up


Knowledge, experiences and competencies

We are seeking an Indonesian person (preferably based in Greater Jakarta area) with the following qualities:

  • Affinity for Hivos’ vision and mission and are driven by a strong motivation to contribute to real and lasting change.
  • Knowledge of and experience in the field of international development cooperation and excellent skills in the development and implementation of communication strategies.
  • Interest and knowledge in sustainable food and food system issues.
  • 5 years of working experience, in particular with lobby and advocacy, strategic communications and policy development.
  • Familiarity with advocacy tools such as in the Citizen Agency and Advocacy Toolkit developed by Hivos and IIED: https://hivos.org/sites/default/files/advocacy_toolkit.pdf
  • Experience of coaching and mentoring for advocacy capacity building.
  • Strong communicator and facilitator in both English and Bahasa.
  • Innovative and flexible and able to work in a complex environment with multiple stakeholders and international partners


What do we offer?

An inspiring and dynamic working environment, dedicated colleagues and the possibility to work for an ambitious new international initiative.