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Consultant Media Specialist for SPEAK project

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Consultant Media Specialist for SPEAK project.


SPEAK (Strengthening Public Services through Empowerment of Women-led Advocacy and Social Audit Networks) is a four-year project co-financed by the European Union and Hivos with the overall objective to institutionalize constructive and effective citizen participation in the planning and implementation of local budgets to better address structural poverty. As media plays an important role in making public procurement more transparent and accountable, a stronger and a more data-driven groups of journalists and media is required. Hivos will work to develop a network of local journalists to report on corruption in public procurement, and follow up on citizen journalist reports.

At the same time, there is an opportunity of collaboration between journalists and citizen journalists to reduce potential of corruption in public budgeting and procurement processes. For this reason, citizens need to be actively encouraged to carry out citizen journalism activities that wilt support the monitoring process. Activities for both the fellowship for journalists and coaching for citizen journalists have the main focus to monitor public budgeting and procurement in education and health sectors. The fellowship for journalists and coaching for citizen journalists have been held in 3 cities in Indonesia i.e. Semarang, Bojonegoro, and Jakarta. Through these activities, 23 journalists have been training which 6 of them have been selected for fellowship and they have accomplished their reports published on their respective media. A total of 135 citizen journalists have also been trained whom are ready for upcoming citizen journalism award. Furthermore, activities for both the fellowship for journalists and coaching for citizen journalists in other three cities i.e. Bandung, Mataram, and Makassar will be started immediately.

Media specialist will support the activity implementation, the development of the data-based journalist network in 6 cities, and help citizen journalists from 6 cities to partner with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to raise awareness on corruption risks in the Health and Education Sector.

Scope of area

Semarang, Bojonegoro, Jakarta, Makassar, Bandung, Mataram


12 months (December 2020 — November 2021)

Roles and responsibilities

A. Project coordination and supervision

  1. To arrange the preparation and implementation of SPEAK journalism activities
  2. To ensure alignment with the media fellows and mentors in the journalist training and fellowship
  3. To ensure alignment with SPEAK consortium partners on citizen journalism activity
  4. To ensure that the budget and expenses for SPEAK journalism activities are aligned as per Hivos and the European Union guidelines
  5. To coordinate with related stakeholders under the SPEAK consortium as well as its co-financed project of Open Contracting programme

B. Communication and Branding

  1. To help produce/to assist communication products at national and in respective cities particularly in ensuring communication outreach and visibility to target groups.
  2. To ensure all communication products produced are aligned with SPEAK communication plan and visibility guidelines
  3. To ensure mass media and social media coverage of each activity related to SPEAK journalism activities
  4. To monitor, collect, and curate mass media coverage on SPEAK journalism activities and related topics (governance, transparency, and corruption in education and health sectors, in particular, and procurement of public services in general)

C. Administration and logistics support

  1. To ensure compliance on Hivos administrative regulation for each activity
  2. To produce documentation on each training /meeting /events conducted with the media partners /stakeholders
  3. To ensure the following outputs are achieved and aligned to the EU and Hivos quality standard: (a) Journalist and citizen journalism training materials, (b) At least 6 journalist reports (from Bandung, Mataram, and Makassar) are published on local and/or national media outlets in 2021, (c) At least 12 citizen journalism stories/reports (from six targeted areas: Semarang, Bojonegoro, Jakarta, Bandung, Mataram, and Makassar) are published and submitted to JAGA KPK Platform in 2021
  4. To assist in the recruitment process of consultants when required
  5. To provide documents and support for SPEAK reports in relation to SPEAK journalism activities


  • Administrative documents for training /meeting /events preparations (e.g., terms of reference, budget plan, offer letters, registration forms, list of participants, etc.)
  • Documentation of training /meeting /events (e.g., minutes, attendance list, photographs, participant proposals, proof of expenses, etc.)
  • Communication products (press releases, news stories, etc.)
  • (Curated) Mass media coverage report
  • Fellowship logbooks
  • Activity report of journalism events (e.g., the fellowship for journalists and coaching for citizen, awarding for trained citizen journalists), etc.)
  • 6 published journalist reports on media outlets in 2021
  • 12 submitted citizen journalism reports to JAGA KPK in 2021

Knowledge and Requirements

The requirements for the Candidate are the followings:

  • Experience working with journalists and/or media
  • Able to perform mass media coverage analysis and provide report
  • Good understanding in media fellowship and citizen journalism projects
  • Experience in transparency issue and working with KPK is an advantage
  • Ability to work independently and take initiatives, but also a team worker
  • Knowledge of major software applications (Excel, Word)
  • Able to travel as required
  • Working knowledge of English is an advantage

How to apply?

Interested candidates are requested to submit an electronic copy of CV (no more than 3 pages) and rate fee.Documents shall be submitted to [email protected] not later than 1 December 2020. Please put in email subject: SPEAK – Media Specialist.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

For more information about Hivos Southeast Asia, visit https://www.hivos.org/