Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Consultant of Activity Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (AMEL) Assistant

Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial is an Indonesian organization affiliated with Hivos, born out of an active collaboration between Netherlands based Hivos and several like-minded Indonesian academics and civil society leaders who subscribe to the values and mission of Hivos. The purpose is to promote humanist values in the social, health, and cultural fields which is defined in terms of the ability for each individual to assess and decide independently and responsibly, the right to freedom, dignity and a passion to create a just and tolerant society.

Yayasan seeks qualified candidates for the position of Consultant of Activity Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (AMEL) Assistant.


The Creative Youth for Tolerance (CREATE) program aims to improve pluralism and tolerance in targeted schools in Indonesia. Inspired by humanist values, CREATE facilitates multi-actor collaboration and partnerships to address interreligious and interethnic harmony. To work toward achieving its objective, CREATE will support the creation of an ecosystem of students, teachers, parents, school committees, school communities and art facilitators at each target school community. Art facilitators will enhance students’ capacity to constructively manage differences and provide a counterweight to the intolerant messages using three ways of learning (intra-curricular, extra-curricular, and co-curricular). CREATE will enhance the role of parents and school committees, as well as encourage cross-collaboration between schools and help to support the creation of a “community of practice” of schools through arts and culture. Furthermore, CREATE will provide safe space for students to reflect positive stories about the management of diversity across Indonesia and express through socially engaging artistic and audio-visual works. It is expected, the program incorporates structured opportunities for outreach to disseminate program outcomes and learnings among key stakeholders at national as well as district and provincial level, including in the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) and Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA), and explore opportunities for replication.

CREATE aims to target seven state high schools and three madrasah aliyah in each of the provinces of West Java (Bandung and Bogor), East Java (Surabaya and Malang), and South Sulawesi (Makassar and Gowa) where research has identified high levels of violations of religious freedom, as well as significant numbers of local regulations (perda) that are discriminatory toward women and minorities. The program is targeting a mix of urban and rural schools, but prioritizes schools in relatively close proximity to one another. For the implementation in madrasah aliyah, CREATE is targeting three pilot madrasah from a single city where the program has already implemented activities with SMAs. In light of the number of SMAs and madrasah involved, CREATE engages MoEC and MoRA at the national and provincial levels, and other relevant stakeholders, to share lessons learned and promote replication.

Aim of the Role

AMEL Assistant is aimed to support AMEL Officer in collecting supporting documents and ensuring that documents are in compliance with the project’s monitoring and evaluation standards.

Functional Context

They assist AMEL Officer in ensuring that all supporting documents relevant to the purposes of monitoring and evaluation from Year 1 and Year 2 of the implementation are available and in compliance with the project’s standards. As part of the job, they are also responsible for maintaining coordination and communicating the needs, e.g., any missing documents or lack of access to documents, with CREATE’s current partners. They will report to AMEL Officer on a day-to-day basis to discuss progress and issues.

Scope of work

The consultant is expected to:

  1. Collect and verify that supporting documents relevant to the purposes of monitoring and evaluation from Year 1 and Year 2 are in compliance with the project’s standards, including accessibility to the documents for Yayasan staff.
  2. Coordinate with partners to ensure completion of the supporting documents and the documents are in compliance with the project’s standards, e.g., no missing documents or lack of access to the documents.
  3. Data entry and manage the supporting documents on Google Spreadsheet.
  4. Conduct calls to verify participants when needed.

Working Time

It is a short term consultancy (approximately three (3) months) and is expected to start in January 2022 with working days maximum 16 days per month.

Qualifications and Experiences

  • At least related experience of two (2) years minimum in monitoring and evaluation, particularly managing documentation such as participant registration sheets, attendance sheets, feedback form responses, activity reports, etc.
  • Excellent skills in Ms. Excel, Ms. Word, Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs, and Google Forms.
  • Data entry skills are highly preferred.
  • Fast learner and detail-oriented.
  • Effective communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Excellent command of English is preferred but not required.
  • Ability to work independently and take initiatives, but also a team worker in a diverse environment.
  • Youth candidates (less than 35 years old) are preferred.
  • Fresh graduates with an internship background on project support are welcome to apply.
  • Interests in learning the project’s issues, e.g., tolerance and pluralism, education, arts and culture, and youth are preferred.
  • Support gender equality and social inclusion values, as well as human rights values.

How to apply?

Interested candidates are requested to submit CV and EoI to [email protected] and cc to [email protected] by 31 December 2021 at 17:00 WIB with “CREATE_AMEL Assistant” as the subject of the email. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Indonesian nationals only. Women, Transgender, LGBTQI+ and marginalized or minority groups are encouraged to apply. Incomplete applications will be excluded from the selection process.

For more information about Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial, visit https://humanis.foundation/