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Consultant of Financial Management Technical Assistance

Hivos Southeast Asia seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of Consultant of Financial Management Technical Assistance.


Women’s Voice and Leadership (We Lead) is a multi-year project initiated by Hivos Southeast Asia and Just Associates (JASS), and supported by the Global Affairs Canada (GAC), starting from 2019 until 2023. The goal of the project is improved enjoyment of human rights by women and girls and the advancement of gender equality in Indonesia. To implement the project, Hivos and JASS collaborate with five (5) women’s rights organizations (5 WROs) with strong legitimacy among their constituencies and broader community: Rahima, Fahmina, Rumah KitaB, Perempuan Mahardhika, and FAMM Indonesia.

We Lead Project believes that strong human, organizational capacity, and sustainability are the groundwork for enhancing women’s organization programming, leading to gender equality. The strong organizational capacity is reflected in the program and financial management’s accountability and response, fundraise, manage sub-grant, and plan for the future. This will lead to developing a more sustainable, resilient, and less vulnerable women’s organization.

At the end of 2019, We Lead has conducted a baseline study to capture the five partner’s capacity and performance status, including the financial guideline and tools used. This baseline also resulted in the recommendation on the capacity building needs on financial matters. As a follow-up, Hivos conducted Training on the Project Financial Management that resulted in the tailored Guideline of We Lead Financial Management that contextualized the GAC financial procedure.

To further improve the five women’s organization’s financial management capacity, updated information on the implementation of financial management is required to develop and provide technical assistance on the accountable financial management and reporting that comply with the GAC and Hivos policy.  To deliver this service, Hivos is hiring an Indonesian individual/company consultant to carry out the task.


Hivos is expected to deliver the following services:

  1. Carry out a participatory assessment to capture and update the existing financial manuals/procedures/tools applied by the five women’s organizations in the We Lead project implementation following the GAC and Hivos standard;
  2. Provide technical assistance on the financial compliance reporting of the We Lead project
  3. Develop a recommendation on the further financial capacity improvement needed to fill the GAC and Hivos policy gaps.

Scope of Work

The selected consultant will deliver the following task:

  1. Compiling and conduct a desk review of the financial manual/procedure/tool of the GAC, Hivos, and five women’s organizations We Lead members
  2. Desk review the financial report of the five women’s organizations for the 1st semester of 2019-2020 period
  3. Assess the existing financial policy/procedure/tools and its implementation thoroughly
  4. Facilitate meetings with the five women’s organization as-needed basis
  5. Provide technical assistance to the five women’s organizations on the report compliance following GAC and Hivos policy
  6. Develop a recommendation on the further financial capacity improvement needed to fill the GAC and Hivos policy gaps.

Knowledge, Experiences and Competencies

We are seeking an Indonesian team/ organization with the following qualities:

  • Master the financial procedures of non-profit institutions.
  • Proven organization/individual with expertise on financial review and evaluation.
  • Certified of Public Accountant (CPA), Internal Auditors (CIA), Management Accountants (CMA).
  • Proven organization/individual with expertise on transparency and accountability in financial and sub-grant management.
  • Capable and good understanding of regulation and standard accounting (PSAK 45, ISAK 35).
  • Excellent reporting and communication skills (English & Bahasa)
  • Having experience with GAC and Hivos’ guideline would be beneficial.

How to apply?

Interested applicant is expected to submit the technical proposal with the proposed outline, timeline and budget, portfolio of the individual/organization, CV/resume to [email protected] with cc to [email protected] Dec 6th, 2020  with the title “Consultant of Financial Management Technical Assistance” as the subject of the email.

Please be sure to compile all the documents into one file and send it along with the expression of interest if you are applying as a team. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. For more information about Hivos Southeast Asia, visit https://www.hivos.org