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Consultant(s) for Developing Feminist Academy Syllabus

Hivos  seeks qualified candidates for the position of Consultant(s) for Developing Feminist Academy Syllabus.


In 2017, under women leadership program at Hivos Southeast Asia, we developed a WomenUnlimited initiative. It is a database of women resource person who are expert on their respective fields. As part of this initiative, Hivos has conducted a need assessment to gain inputs from these women on what type of capability strengthening they need.

Further, we plan to enhance the capacity of WomenUnlimited program participants by providing them with series of trainings/courses through the Feminist Academy. The feminist academy will provide trainings on multi subject such as feminism, leadership, inclusion, gender equality, renewable energy, freedom and accountability, communication strategy, data and digital security and project management


The objective of this assignment are:

To develop a comprehensive syllabus on Feminist Academy

Scope of work

The consultant is expected to:

  • Conducting and Facilitating series of discussion/workshops to gain input from different stakeholders
  • Developing the syllabus


The consultant must be available to work from December 2019 to January 2020 with a maximum 20 working days.

Qualifications and Experiences

We are seeking an Indonesian person (preferably based in Greater Jakarta area) with the following qualities:

  • Affinity for Hivos’ vision and mission and are driven by a strong motivation to contribute to real and lasting change.
  • Knowledge of and experience in the field of feminism, gender and development issues
  • Thorough understanding of the women’s movement landscape in Indonesia
  • A minimum 10 years of working experience, in particular with gender, women’s rights, inclusion, project management, environmental issues, freedom and accountability.