Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Re-ads: Consultant(s) for Parent Training and Workshop Module Development

Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial is an Indonesian organization affiliated with Hivos, born out of an active collaboration between Netherlands based Hivos and several like-minded Indonesian academics and civil society leaders who subscribe to the values and mission of Hivos. The purpose is to promote humanist values in the social, health, and cultural fields which is defined in terms of the ability for each individual to assess and decide independently and responsibly, the right to freedom, dignity and a passion to create a just and tolerant society.

Yayasan Humanis seeks qualified candidates for the position of Consultant(s) for Parent Training and Workshop Module Development.


Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial (an affiliated organization of Hivos) is an organization who supports the development of alternative solutions to deep seated problems so that individuals and communities can make responsible and equitable choices within political and economic systems that serve their needs. In 2020-2023, the organization implements a project called CREATE (Creative Youth for Tolerance) that aims to improve pluralism and tolerance in secondary education institutions (high schools) in West Java, East Java, and South Sulawesi funded by USAID Indonesia. The program adopts an innovative art and cultural based approach to strengthen tolerance among students, and enhance the role of parents, teachers, and art facilitators to support tolerance practice in school. As of April 2021, the Program has formed collaboration with 26 public high schools and Madrasah Aliyah in West Java, East Java, and South Sulawesi.

To work toward achieving this objective, CREATE will not only strengthen tolerance and pluralism among students, but will also enhance the role of other school community members, including parents, in supporting tolerance practices, as stated in the project’s IR 2, “Enhanced role of parents and school committees in supporting tolerance practices.” CREATE strengthens the awareness of parents and school committees of tolerance issues and platforms to channel their concerns about intolerant practices to officials with responsibility for oversight at the school, provincial and national levels. This component also strengthens codes of conduct in schools and enhances character building of students as mandated by National Education System Law No. 20 of 2003, Presidential Regulation No. 87 of 2017 on Strengthening Character Education, and Ministry of Education and Culture Regulations No. 39 of 2008 on Student Development and No. 23 of 2015 on Developing Ethics.

In Year 2 parents will receive a series of capacity building activities to gain knowledge and skills of tolerance and pluralism issues and design action plans to utilize this knowledge and skills to support tolerance practices at schools. Previously CREATE has developed a module for parent training that focuses on accompanying teenagers and developing their knowledge on diversity and developing tolerance values through cooperation between families and school. CREATE Consortium now seeks (a team of) consultant(s) to enrich this module and place further emphasis on increasing parents’ involvement and expanding parents’ roles in monitoring and improving tolerance and pluralism at schools.

The parent training and workshop targets a total of at least 120 parents (40 parents of high schools and madrasah aliyah students from each of the three target provinces) and will start in September 2021.

Scope of Work

The consultant(s) will lead the development of up to 2 (two) modules on training and 2 (two) modules on workshop that will be delivered to parent participants.


Up to 2 (two) training modules and 2 (two) workshop modules that will raise parents’ awareness and encourage them to increase their involvement in monitoring and improving tolerance and pluralism at schools.

  • Training Modules may use CREATE’s teacher training modules as reference materials. The teacher training modules cover the following topics: 1) teacher’s roles in building tolerance and peacebuilding, 2) conflict and violence, 3) intolerance in Indonesia, and 4) (in)equality in the education sector in Indonesia.
  • Training Modules need to include any necessary measurement tools such as pre-test and post-test questionnaires.
  • Workshop Modules are expected to focus on practical ways for parents to get involved, such as: data gathering/data collection (including techniques to interview) and data analysis of tolerance and intolerance monitoring, development of evidence-based communication products (derived from the monitoring results), development of action plans to follow-up the findings, etc.
  • Final version of the Training and Workshop modules will need to be available in both English and Indonesian.


  • Early to Mid August 2021 : Recruitment Process
  • Mid to end of August 2021 : Concept development. Duration: 10 working days
  • 30 August-8 September 2021 : First draft submitted for Yayasan’s review and approval. Duration: 7 working days
  • 8-20 September 2021 : Final draft submitted for Yayasan’s review and approval. Duration: 7 working days

Knowledge, experiences and competencies

We are seeking an individual or a team with the following qualifications:

  • Solid experience and proven track record of developing training and workshop modules and delivering training, including use of participatory methods.
  • Good understanding of Indonesia’s pluralism and tolerance issues, with proven background artistic and cultural approaches, promotion of dialogue, and/or effective parenting against violent radicalism preferred.
  • Excellent writing communication skills, including English language skills

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit the following documents to [email protected] and cc to [email protected] by 16 August 2021 at 17:00 WIB with “CREATE Parent Training Module Consultant” as the subject of the email.

  1. Letter of Interest explaining their interests in position and their qualifications.
  2. CV (of each personnel if the applicant is a team).
  3. Company profile (for a company or consulting firm).
  4. Portfolio of similar projects.
  5. A brief work plan including timeline of the project.
  6. Budget Proposal (maximum budget available for this consultancy: IDR 28.000.000 GROSS).
  7. Initial concept or outline of the parent training and workshop modules. Concept could be presented in a Word file, Powerpoint file, or a PDF file.

Indonesian nationals only. Women, Transgender, LGBTQI+ and marginalized or minority groups are encouraged to apply. Applications without any proposal will be excluded from the selection process.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

For more information about Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial please visit https://humanis.foundation/