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Country Engagement Manager for Amplifying Voices for Just Climate Action

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Country Engagement Manager for Amplifying Voices for Just Climate Action (AVJCA).

Functional Context

The five-year strategic objective of the AVJCA program is “By 2025, local civil society groups have claimed a central role as empowered innovators, facilitators and advocates of climate solutions”. Our program is about climate justice i.e. climate change is not only an environmental problem to be addressed but also a societal challenge with ethical and human rights aspects. Hence our intention is to build wide societal support for locally shaped climate solutions through an inclusive and rights-based approach. This includes building a broad-based climate alliance at country level, bridging divides (urban-rural, gender, youth), that amplifies voices in new, unusual ways. In addition, we will influence national and global policies and financial flows in support of these locally shaped solutions. The program will be implemented by an alliance of 6 organizations: WWF NL, Hivos, SouthSouthNorth, Akina Mama wa Afrika, Shack Dwellers International, Fundación Avina. During the 5 years’ program period the alliance aims to increase ownership of the program by local CSOs. The program is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the “Power of Voices” framework.

In Indonesia, The Country Engagement Manager (CEM) is responsible for the delivery of a coherent program of activities and partner engagement in the country , in close cooperation with national alliance of JCA and in line with the JCA global ToC and overall objectives. The CEM is part of the national JCA team and in three countries the Hivos CEM has a leading role (Kenya, Indonesia and Tunisia). For all countries a first version of a joint national plan has been developed as starting point for the work in 2021. Improvement and innovation is part of the responsibilities of the CEM.

In terms of partner coalitions, the CEM builds, monitors and manages the quality of the JCA partner portfolio in-country together with the other alliance members and stimulate coalition building between different (national) CSOs to increase local ownership and to amplify voices for Joint Climate Action. The CEM identifies potential relationships between partners and other stakeholders (e.g., local or central government institutions, tech actors), supports (coalitions of) partners in the proposal preparation phase, appraises partner (coalition) applications, and provides continued support throughout implementation, both virtually and through monitoring visits. The CEM is responsible to increase local ownership and shift decision making power to local organizations. The CEM will play an active role to further develop ideas and modalities of local ownership through the AVJCA program from a national perspective. The CEM ensures adequate capacity development of partners and other involved organizations in the AVJCA program at national level.

As far as other activities are concerned, the CEM is responsible for identifying and building collaborative relationships with strategic organizations, individuals and initiatives in support of locally shaped climate solutions for a just climate transition. He / she/ they is expected to have strong networking and facilitation skills. The CEM is also responsible to initiate research that supports the program. Oversee and contribute to a learning and M&E program based on the global PMEL methodology. Ensure the partners and Hivos deliver timely input this system and organize learning events to improve the country program and ToC on a yearly basis.

Besides the CEM the national Hivos’ team include a half time (junior) project officer. The CEM is manager of this project officer and ensures high quality and timely outputs. Finance support will be provided through a Finance Manager and Finance Officer in Kenya for all countries except Indonesia. The Indonesian Yayasan will have their own finance officer who will report the financial results to the Kenyan based Finance Manager.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Establish and maintain good relationships with stakeholders in country (civil society, government, private sector, development partners and media) and alliance members of AVJCA.
  • Identify and select (coalitions of) partners in close collaboration with national AVJCA team; Share and increase ownership of program by (national) partner organizations;
  • Ensure timely and high quality reporting of partners contracted by Hivos.
  • Identify training and other needs of national partners and alliance members to improve program delivery and enhanced local ownership.
  • Gather and use monitoring data to draw lessons and continuously improve in-country program to highest possible level of impact; Actively engage in program-wide learning activities led by the global PMEL team and Hivos global DMEL.
  • Ensure the program is constantly innovating, e.g. through building unusual partnership and cooperation between urban youth and local communities. Include other ways of working e.g. by linking climate change and transparency or other use of media (e.g. citizen led reporting).

Knowledge, experiences and competencies

This is a mid-level to senior position for Indonesian:

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in development studies, governance or another relevant field.
  • Minimum of five years relevant working experience preferably in advocacy and influencing strategies.
  • Solid knowledge of relation between climate change and daily needs of people in particular women and other marginalized groups such as food, energy and water.
  • Experience with locally shaped climate solutions and building joint climate actions is an advantage.
  • A keen understanding of country political and social dynamics; analytical and conceptual skills, and ability to translate these into relevant and timely actions.
  • Excellent networking, relationship building and negotiation skills;
  • Excellent verbal, writing and communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Excellent project management skill, overseeing projects to ensure the effective design, implementation and increase ownership of right holders.
  • Experience overseeing and using monitoring and evaluation plans and indicators
  • Ability to lead small country team on location without daily support from Hub management
  • Having respect for a humanitarian or humanist principle and willing to work in a non-discriminating, neutral, impartial and gender equal environment.
  • Level skills: cooperation, influence, leadership.
  • Job skills: communication, project management, enterprise

What do we offer?

An inspiring and dynamic working environment, dedicated colleagues and the possibility to work for an ambitious new international initiative.

How to apply?

To apply for this position please submit your CV and a cover letter to [email protected] no later than 18 December 2020

Please specify the position name you are applying for (CEM AVJCA) in the ‘subject’ line of your email. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

For more information about Hivos Southeast Asia, visit https://www.hivos.org/

Opened position for national level / Indonesian nationality.