Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Digital Campaign Consultant for Anti Hoax Project

Hivos Southeast Asia seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of Digital Campaign Consultant for Anti Hoax Project.


The early voters (17-35 years old) source most of information online through social media and news feed such as Instagram, Facebook and LINE Today. Many of contents that are accessible online, indicate discrimination against minority groups as well as promote intolerant attitudes. Those contents are often posted in a form of hoax or disinformation provoking debates among the internet users. The dissemination of hoax contents online express discriminative tone and often incline to hate speech messages. Several research reports suggest that young people are vulnerable to be exposed by intolerant messages either online or offline.

To anticipate the effects of disinformation to young people, Hivos initiates the anti-hoax project. The project aims to effectively stimulate young people’s critical media literacy skills through a self-learning platform. The project has undertaken a mapping study to analyze current landscape of hoax prevention and to understand insights from young people as native social media users. The mapping result provides actionable points to develop learning guideline and platform process. The guideline functions as the main reference of principles and methods. It will be translated into several audio-visual materials (game, video, infographic, etc) and be available online to facilitate the students’ learning process. The self-learning platform is equipped with educational videos and games to improve the interactive learning experience. To raise awareness and promote the platform, Hivos is looking for a consultant to design and run a digital campaign.


  • To raise awareness of the self-learning platform
  • To achieve targeted user acquisition


  • A creative strategy and implementation guideline
  • A two-month digital campaign implementation
  • Promotional contents (as planned)
  • User acquisition rate as targeted
  • Report and evaluations

Scope of Work

  • Develop digital marketing campaign strategy and content plan
  • Design key messages to amplify the campaign
  • Manage a marketing campaign run via social media, email, mobile marketing, or other potential digital channels.
  • Involve relevant Key Opinion Leaders
  • Produce relevant contents to engage target audience
  • Coordinate platforms for content, such as a website landing pages, using SEO to ensure that all content is search engine friendly and ranks the pages and site highly in Google and other search engines.
  • Ensure the user acquisition meets the target
  • Use analytics to monitor success and ensure that optimal results are achieved


  • Have 3-year minimum experience in developing and managing successful digital campaigns
  • Have moderate experiences working on nonprofit campaigns
  • Demonstrate expertise in designing creative and innovative approach
  • Group or individual consultant are eligible to apply
  • Present project portfolio comprising minimum five (5) relevant digital campaigns

Duration of Contract

The consultant will work for maximum 40 days. The campaign will be carried out from June 24- August 16, 2019.