Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Event Coordinator for Linking and Learning Event on Sustainable Food System in Indonesia

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Event Coordinator Linking and Learning Event  on Sustainable Food System in Indonesia.


Hivos, an international non-governmental organization guided by humanist value is currently implementing two projects related to food: the Sustainable Diet for All (SD4All) and the SWITCH Asia Local Harvest projects. Both projects aim at achieving sustainable food system in Indonesia as well as promoting local, healthy, fair and “green” food. As part of the implementation of the projects, Hivos plans to organize a one-day Linking and Learning event in the week of 13 April 2020 in Jakarta in collaboration with the key Ministries related to the food system and other stakeholders joined in the national multi stakeholder platform on sustainable food system.

The event will be a medium to support sharing of knowledge and challenges, and showcasing best practices and innovations related to SDG 2 and 12 at the national and local levels, especially the best practices in the regions where the platform members are working. The event is also envisioned as part of the implementation of the national multi-stakeholder platform that bring local innovations front and center to ensure a better correlation with the national policies and thus mutual support among all. It is expected that around 150 people will attend the event.


Through the Linking and Learning event, it is expected that the national and selected local stakeholders working on food system in Indonesia will have a better understanding on the opportunities and challenges in promoting sustainable food system. We also hope that the event will improve coordination and collaboration among actors to achieve sustainable food system in Indonesia.

Details of the Call

This Call for Expressions of Interest aims to select qualified organization/team to organize the event. Interested organization/team are invited to respond to this call of interest by supplying the requested organizational information and addressing the following selection criteria:

  1. Experience in organizing high-level multistakeholder events at the national level involving representatives from government (national and local), private sector, CSOs, and other stakeholders.
  2. Experience in developing and executing communication strategy for high-level multistakeholder events at the national level.
  3. Network of staff or associates, including media relations.

Interested organization/team are invited to submit a detailed proposal consisting of ideas and format of the event, communication strategy, list of supporting staff and their roles, and budget (maximum EUR 32,000). The budget includes:

  • Event organizing cost
  • Venue and meals for 150 people (minimum 4-star hotel)
  • Exhibition booths including food tasting
  • Publication and media kit
  • Merchandise for 150 people
  • Speaker and moderator fee
  • Flight, accommodation and travel cost for participants from outside Jakarta (around 11 people).