Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Event Organizer for the Indonesia Civil Society Forum (ICSF) 2024

Request for Expression of Interest – Event Organizer for the ICSF 2024

Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial (hereinafter: Humanis) is a Jakarta-based non-profit development organization that works across the Southeast Asia region. Humanis works with marginalized groups and frontrunners to exercise rights and freedoms, bring about changes, influence decisions, and hold those in power to account. As the name suggests, Humanis envisions just and sustainable societies in Southeast Asia that fulfill and protect the rights of each individual, as well as respect differences and backgrounds. To achieve its vision, Humanis focuses on three impact areas: Gender Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (GEDI), Civic Rights in a Digital Age (CRIDA), and Climate Justice. Currently, we have ongoing programs in Indonesia, Timor-Leste, the Philippines, and Vietnam

Humanis seeks qualified candidates for the position of:
Title :  Event Organizer for the Indonesia Civil Society Forum (ICSF) 2024

Duty Station :  Jakarta

Report to :  Organizing Committee of ICSF 2024

Budget :  Max IDR. 500.000.000/gross (include tax)


During the past ten years, civil society in Indonesia has stagnated, with the rise of these new forms of populist politics. Many CSOs have found it difficult to respond to the challenges of the times, such as misinformation, fragmentation, and social polarizations. An increase in the rise of “uncivil society” and challenges to freedoms of association and expression have taken place, leading to democratic stagnation and regression.  As discussed at the ICSF 2022 and 2023, new forms of civil society actions are needed, led by a new generation, and using new forms of communication and social media, to reflect civil society in the 2020s. For CSOs to contribute to putting a brake on further democratic backsliding in Indonesia, national and sub-national CSOs need to continue to build their capacity, including on financial sustainability, which remains elusive for many CSOs, especially at the subnational level. To avoid a further democratic and civil right backlash, it is important to maintain the integrity of democratic institutions and popular support for democratic practices, ensure respect for universal human rights and effective forms of everyday citizen participation. There remains strong support for democracy and regional autonomy in Indonesia that civil society can build on. Civil society has shown adaptability and resourcefulness in face of the democratic decline, with some notable success stories at both national and sub-national levels. Building on this, civil society organizations need a process of internal reflection and consolidation, which will be the aim of ICSF 2024.

The overall aim of ICSF 2024 is to create a safe space for civil society to reflect, strategize, and offer thought leadership on the current state and future development of civic space and democracy in Indonesia, along three main topics: countering the narrowing of civic space; the situation of civil society organizations and human rights defenders; and strengthening civil society networks and collaboration across actors, sectors, regions, and generations. Other issues may be identified through regional consultation and issue mapping.


Yayasan Humanis is looking for an event organizer (EO) to design and facilitate a professional and collaborative Indonesia Civil Society Forum (ICSF) in September 25-26, 2024 in Jakarta. The ICSF is an annual forum to discuss and support issues for civil society and civil society organizations in Indonesia, including at the sub-national level. ICSF convenes national and local civil society activists and their reform-minded networks for consolidation, strategizing, and collective learning. The format will be a combination of keynote speakers, trust-building sessions, and facilitated breakout sessions. Special design considerations and technical solutions will be used to ensure that the ICSF is interactive, collaborative, and participatory – every participant is a resource. All sessions are conducted offline. These participants will engage in discussions centering on the capacity needs and sustainability of Indonesian civil society at the national and sub-national level. Around 250 participants and resource persons will join the event from various parts of the country to share their thoughts, perspectives, experiences, and lessons learned.

Building on the four previous Forums, the theme for the 2024 ICSF is “Fostering Dialogue, Driving Change: Civil Society’s Engagement for a Democratic Indonesia”, to be held at a hotel in Central Jakarta on September 25-26 2024. The event will be organized by Indika Foundation, Yayasan Humanis, YAPPIKA and Ford Foundation (the Organizing Committee or OC). A Steering Committee (SC) consisting of development partners and national CSOs provide advice on topics, speakers and the program. 

Using techniques of facilitated participation and human-centered design, the objective of the ICSF 2024 is to strategize and outline an action plan for intersectional consolidation and civil society strengthening based on various possible scenarios under the new government. The Forum will also contribute to develop a plan to conduct post-ICSF activities throughout 2024 as a follow up and preparation for the ICSF 2025.  

Scope of work

Duties and responsibilities of the event organizer (EO) is to work together with the Event Designer (to be separately procured) and the ICSF Organizing Committee (OC) regarding venue management and arrangement, technology support information, and other related logistical arrangements as needed for the 2024 ICSF that will be held at a hotel in central Jakarta on September 25-26 2024. The EO will also ensure availability of an efficient secretariat and administrative support for events during the two-day forum. The EO will provide inputs and/or recommendations on the arrangements if required. 

ICSF 2024 Draft Schedule

  • The conference will run over two full days (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) with a networking dinner included on one of the evenings.
  • Each day will begin with a keynote speaker addressing the entire audience in the plenary hall before five parallel breakout sessions in separate rooms during the remaining of the days..
  • It is considered to have a scenario-building session during Day 1 and a strategy development/revision session during Day 2. There will be mobilizations of the participants that need the help of Event Organizers. 

Details, duties, and responsibilities of the EO covers the following aspects:

Pre-Event Planning:

  1. Registration & Management:
    • Develop online & in-person registration forms for attendees, speakers, and facilitators.
    • Manage registration, compile attendee lists, and provide welcome materials.
    • Propose and secure MC and interpreters with honorariums/fees.
    • Contacting participants and arranging their arrival and departure processes.
  2. Venue & Logistics:
    • Oversee venue setup: registration, seating, audio/visual, presentation areas.
    • Coordinate catering, refreshments, and break schedules with the hotel.
    • Secure venue space: plenary room (250 pax, 2 days, AV & recording), 5 breakout rooms (50-75 pax each, 2 days, morning & afternoon), dining area (lunches & dinner), VIP room (15 pax).
    • Establish a help desk for attendees & speakers.
    • Set up administrative/secretarial and VIP rooms.
    • Coordinate accessibility features (signage, translation) for participants with disabilities.
    • Ensure functioning audio-visual equipment (visuals, computers, sound system, Wi-Fi) in the main hall.
    • Collaborate with hotel to ensure service and maintenance for all equipment in meeting rooms.
    • Arrange meeting spaces according to organizer specifications.
  3. Communication & Materials:
    • Prepare & share arrival information packages with participants (with OC).
    • Ensure all documentation adheres to organizer policies (branding etc.).
    • Schedule regular meetings with the OC for updates, feedback, and adjustments.
    • Provides digital and non-digital design needs, such as posters with various formats, banners, signages, ID cards, and social media content.

Event Day Management:

  1. Registration & Support:
    • Manage participant registration at the venue.
    • Prepare participant lists with contact details.
    • Provide a central information support service for attendees & speakers.
    • Ensuring the availability of needs and comfort for the OC, participants, and guests during their stay at the hotel.
  2. Meeting Delivery:
    • Organize a pre-event rehearsal (dress rehearsal) on September 24, 2024.
    • Provide translation services (English-Indonesian, vice versa) for plenary sessions.
    • Secure sign language interpreters for plenary sessions.
    • Ensure smooth forum operation according to the agenda.
    • Maintain communication with speakers, panelists, and participants.
    • Collect and ensure that the presentations materials are properly collected and shown in the session.
    • Address any technical difficulties or unforeseen situations.
  3. Documentation:
    • Arrange professional photography/videography for key moments.
    • Collect presentations and distribute them (if applicable) after the event.
  4. Risk Management: Develop a contingency plan to address potential risks or disruptions.

Post-Event Tasks:

  1. Evaluation & Reporting:
    • Gather participant feedback through surveys/forms.
    • Compile a report summarizing key takeaways, event outcomes, and recommendations.
    • Share the report with participants, sponsors, and relevant stakeholders.
  2. Social Media Follow-Up:
    • Express gratitude to attendees, speakers, and sponsors.
  3. Financial Reconciliation:
    • Finalize event expenses and reconcile them with the budget.
    • Prepare financial reports for sponsors and internal stakeholders
  4. Post-Event Surveys: Distribute surveys to speakers and panelists for feedback on their experience

Additional Tasks:

  • Security: Collaborate with hotel security for participant safety and maintaining the safety and security of VIP guests during their arrival and departure.
  • Accessibility: Ensure venue and activities are accessible to participants with disabilities.
  • Sustainability: Implement eco-friendly practices (recycled materials, waste reduction).

The table below outlines the tasks that Humanis anticipates the successful firm will implement. The illustrative timeframe for each set of activities is also included.


Activity Illustrative Dates Term of payment Deliverable
Breakout session and marketplace design July 2024 20% Digital design of venue for plenary, breakout sessions and exhibition area, with detailed specifications of the supporting materials of the meeting.
Preparation of the event August 2024 25% Fully executed final preparation 

  • Final blueprint of the flow of the audience and speakers
  • Final blueprint of the flow of the activity
Final preparation and the rehearsal 23-24 September 2024
  • Stages ready 
  • Rooms ready 
  • Supporting materials ready 
  • Booths for exhibition ready 
  • Supporting event ready 
Delivery of the ICSF 2024 25-26 September 2024 30% A smooth-running event of ICSF
Final report on the ICSF 31 October 


25% Final technical design and implementation report

Qualifications and Experiences 

The evaluation factors will be comprised of the following criteria:


  • Proposed technical design for an interactive and collaborative offline conference with parallel sessions (30 points)
  • Qualifications of proposed personnel to implement the proposed scope of work (20 points)


  • Demonstrated capability and resources to provide the items and services requested in this solicitation in a timely and responsive manner. Past performance and institutional capacity for conducting events with >250 participants (30 points)


  • Evaluated ceiling price (20 points)

For more detailed Term of Reference (ToR) information, please click the following link : https://bit.ly/TOR_ICSF2024 

We Welcome You to Apply

We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. We particularly encourage applications from rightsholders and communities that have historically been excluded from access to employment including candidates who are gender and sexual minority, from ethnic and/or religious minority communities, with a disability, impairment, learning difference, or long-term condition, with caring responsibilities, and from less advantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

How to apply?

Interested applicants should send a proposal (methodology, material/content, timeline, and proposed budget) and CV/resume to [email protected] and cc to [email protected] and [email protected] no later than July 5th, 2024 with “EO Consultant” as the subject of the email. 

Please be sure to compile relevant portfolios and all CVs of the team members into one document and send it along with one proposal if you are applying as a team. An application without a proposal will not be accepted

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

For more information about Humanis, visit https://hsi.foundation/