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Field Officer for CREATE

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Field Officer for CREATE.


Creative Youth for Tolerance program (CREATE) aims to improve pluralism and tolerance in schools using art and cultural-based approaches. Art experiences can bring excitement and give pleasant and relaxing experiences. Art makes it easier for someone to accept different expressions of themselves and makes them understand different perspectives of their surroundings more easily. Students in high school age are in a phase of developing competence, self-identity, and seeking affirmation, amidst the dynamics of virtual and social interaction that mingle between good information and hate speech. Therefore, abilities to filter and sort out information as well as to respond to the information appropriately are needed. Students participating in the program are expected to have the ability to think critically, have an understanding of social inclusion and apply it in everyday life, including when socializing with their peers. In this development environment, the role of parents, teachers, and other educational communities is needed to support the progress of student competencies.

Hivos is seeking three (3) Field Officers, each will be based in Jawa Barat, Jawa Timur and Sulawesi Selatan. This is a long term opportunity and the start date will be July 2020.

Functional context

The Field Officer will report to CREATE’s Project Officer. S/he will coordinate with other staff members in the CREATE team to ensure targets and compliance are met, and learnings are applied. A qualified Field Officer must possess project management skills as well as past professional experience as a field officer/facilitator.

Roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities for the Field Officer are, but not limited to the following duties:

  1. Lead a team of art facilitators and assign each art facilitator to a school based on their skills and personalities.
  2. Evaluate and report the art facilitators’ performance to Project Officer on a regular basis.
  3. Assist Project Officer in curating the art exhibitions by organizing and selecting students’ art projects.
  4. As Project Officer’s representative, ensure the art facilitators are able to fulfill their duties and project implementation goes according to the plan, e.g., achieve the learning objectives, deliver activities according to the learning plan and timeline, identify and overcome challenges in the field.
  5. Coordinate with and report progress in the field to the Project Officer on a regular basis.
  6. Organize program’s administrative documents and program’s assets in the field and maintain confidentiality of the documents.
  7. Using the existing reporting template, submit a program report to the Project Officer and the CREATE office in Jakarta on a regular basis.
  8. Using the existing data collection and reporting templates, collect and report data collected, including from the art facilitators, for program’s monitoring and evaluation purposes, as well as provide assistance in coordination and supervision of the baseline, annual, and endline studies in the field.
  9. Serve as program’s regional facilitator in following activities:
  10. Mapping and selecting potential schools to get involved in the CREATE program.
  11. Mapping potential local organizations or communities to collaborate with in the CREATE program.
  12. Coordinating and maintaining positive relationships with local organizations or communities throughout implementation.
  13. Coordinating with schools and district or provincial level government officials to maintain support for the Program prior to and during implementation (program introduction, confirming schools’ involvement in the program, scheduling, and logistics, such as assets management and storage at school).
  14. Submit a situation report on the education scene and tolerance of target schools in their region on a regular basis.
  15. Represent CREATE in local forums that involve CREATE’s stakeholders and discuss education, tolerance, and community development issues.
  16. Participate in CREATE’s collaborative efforts and learning events that involve local stakeholders.
  17. Support implementation of activities in the field, such as school forums’ monitoring activities, Youth Camps, and art exhibitions.
  18. Able to work from Monday to Friday or on other days when necessary.
  19. Provide assistance in collecting information and disseminating materials for Communications purposes.

Knowledge, experiences and competencies

  1. Age 23-35 years old.
  2. Possess leadership or public speaking skills.
  3. Possess at least a bachelor’s degree (S1), preferably in education, arts, social sciences, humanities, political science, and similar fields, or equivalent of a minimum 3-year work experience.
  4. Candidates with experience in education, youth, or arts programs are preferred.
  5. Candidates with teaching experience or professional experience in the education sector, and extensive knowledge of local culture are preferred.
  6. Currently reside and have the willingness to work in one of CREATE’s target regions (Jawa Barat, Jawa Timur, or Sulawesi Selatan).
  7. Candidates with English language skills are preferred.
  8. Committed to participate in the selection process, the art facilitator training, and module development sessions with the CREATE team and during the agreed work period.
  9. Open-minded, eager to learn, and supportive of gender equality, diverse individual identities, cultures, and beliefs.
  10. Possess effective verbal communication skills, e.g., active listening and coherent speaking skills.
  11. Capable of working in and leading a team.
  12. Capable of working in an organization with a diverse culture.
  13. Possess excellent analytical, problem solving, and administrative skills.
  14. Possess excellent observational skills (individuals or groups) and capable of observing program’s dynamics and identifying challenges in the field

How to apply?

Interested applicants should send a CV/resume and Cover Letter to [email protected]  no later than 26 June 2020 with “CREATE Field Officer”  as the subject of the email.

Please be sure to compile all CVs into one document and send it along with one proposal if you are applying as a team. An application without a proposal will not be accepted

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

For more information about Hivos Southeast Asia, visit https://www.hivos.org/