Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Linking, Learning, and Communication Officer

Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial is an Indonesian organization affiliated with Hivos, born out of an active collaboration between Netherlands based Hivos and several like-minded Indonesian academics and civil society leaders who subscribe to the values and mission of Hivos. The purpose is to promote humanistic values in the social, economic, health, and cultural fields which is defined in terms of the ability for each individual to assess and decide independently and responsibly, the right to freedom, dignity and a passion to create a just and tolerant society.

Yayasan Humanis seeks qualified candidates for the position of:

Title                      :  Linking, Learning, and Communication Officer

Duty Station        : Jakarta, Indonesia

Report to             :  Regional Coordinator Urban Futures

Duration               :  1 year


Functional Context

This advert is for the Linking, Learning & Communications Officer (LLCO) for Indonesia for the Urban Futures (UF) program. UF is a global program that promotes decentralization. As such, this position will lead the orientation of the communication component at the global level while executing LLCO-related activities in the region. This post will oversee and ensure the effective and efficient design and implementation of the Comms program global strategy and the L&L agenda in Indonesia. It also will support the program Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Linking and Learning (L&L) strategies in line with the overall program plan and coordination with local partners.

The LLCO will be line-managed by the UF Regional Coordinator, who will provide strategic oversight and support and work closely with the Urban Food Systems & Advocacy Lead. The LLCO will liaise and support their regional counterparts (regional LLCO in South Africa and Latinoamerica) to ensure vital cross-learning, strategic and coherent communications across the program, and a cohesive monitoring and evaluation plan, under the supervision of the Global Design, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (DMEL) officer.

It is anticipated that the LLCO role will take approximately 60% on Communication, 10% on M&E, and 30% on L&L, although these will overlap in practice.

Communications refer to ensuring that all communication activities are aligned with the program’s communication strategy and with Hivos’ corporate Communication while offering robust communication support for the regional office and the program, supporting, and coordinating local partners (to ensure the visibility of the program and its partners). Occasionally organizes online and offline communication activities and develops and disseminates communication materials, following Hivos and donors’ guidelines.

L&L in this context refers to activities and processes towards boosting collaboration, exchange, learning, collective intelligence, innovation, and the application and gathering of new knowledge within the UF program network of partners, rightsholder groups (especially young people), and Hivos global and regional teams, as well as beyond the program across Yayasan and Hivos Global, with the funder, and through relevant external networks and platforms. This position will work closely with the South African (SAF) LLCO officer as this project’s Linking and Learning (L&L) team lead.

M&E within the L&L framework will provide efficient and coherent data and valuable and timely information for decision-making, communications, and L&L activities. While these tools and methods are contextually appropriate for the program’s stakeholders, alignment will be ensured with relevant Yayasan and Hivos Global methods, tools, and strategies (e.g., the KM&L strategy, M&E framework) and the donor DMEL way of working.



Roles and responsibilities



  • Coordinates and implements the development of a global and regional communication strategy and the regional communication activities and associated projects.
  • Creates a communication strategy aligned with the overall program strategy, organizes communication activities and develops communication materials contributing to the program/project results.
  • Coaches and advises staff and local partners to organize online and offline communication activities and develop and disseminate communication materials. Promote and coordinate the elaboration of communicational products (e.g., eBooks, booklets, pamphlets) about the program and related projects with local partners.
  • Maps different international and regional news outlets and communications networks (social media) relevant to the project objectives. Devises strategies to promote the involvement of external audiences with the program (e.g., Journalism contest, comms workshops).
  • Writes texts for websites and social media, develop graphic assets for websites and social media (infographics, videos, illustrations, and others), and supports Social Media content with Add campaigns when needed.
  • Profiles and positions Hivos and local partner views through communications strategies, activities, materials, and products, including writing texts for the Hivos website, social media, and external platforms (e.g., op-eds) and organizing other forms of content (e.g., video, infographics, illustrations)
  • Coordinates and advises the Regional Coordinator, LLCO team, and global team to ensure coherent program communications across regions and globally.
  • Positions the program and its milestones, including those related to direct implementation and regional and national events, workshops, and other key meetings. Coordinates and develops activations and virtual events throughout digital platforms (e.g., Webinars, interviews, etc.).
  • Coordinates with Hivos regional and global Comms team, the harmonization of the regional and global comms, and plans into the communicational strategy/plan of the organization. Support the DMEL and Global Communication Hivos Officers in the program’s communication plan for international audiences. Supports the Urban Food Systems Technical Lead on communications to support global advocacy strategies, for example, with decision-makers and for important positioning events.
  • Others, as requested by the Regional Coordinator.


Linking and Learning

  • Supports the development of a global and regional learning strategy, including co-developing a learning agenda and questions and supporting a continuous re-evaluation, re-thinking, re-tooling, and re-shaping of the system, with program staff and partners, in line with Hivos adaptive management with the support of the Global DMEL officer and the SAF LLCO in his/her role of global L&L lead.
  • Presents effective and timely results for promoting exchange, social learning, capacity-building, innovation, and other L&L actions and opportunities linked to the Programs strategies working in close collaboration with the local partner organizations, Hivos, the Global Partnership on Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Systems (RUAF), as well as external allies.
  • Co-coordination of social learning platforms and communities related to the Program themes to share and recollect innovative knowledge to raise awareness, strengthen learning, improve, replicate, and promote collective intelligence among partners and allies.
  • Support and advises the teams to promote leadership development and capacity-building processes among partners and allies, emphasizing virtual ecosystems and distance learning (virtual and non-virtual) in Indonesia and co-creating regular activities across all regions.
  • Co-creates and implements strategies and activities to expand the coordination of networks of youth leaders and organizations that work in climate action and food systems, considering gender and intercultural approaches.
  • Provides L&L technical support to partners, reviews technical reports, and works with them on their and other subcontractors’ technical activities with the help of the SAF LLCO in his/her role of global L&L lead.
  • Coordinates producing and disseminating of high-quality learning products with local and regional counterparts, including organizing research.
  • Co-facilitates a global partner and staff learning community that supports continuous improvement and exchange, including regular online meetings and occasional in-person events.
  • Timely submit concepts or responses to planned or unexpected funding proposals supporting the Regional Coordinator, Global DMEL, and PM.
  • Ensures the alignment with and contribution to Hivos KM&L strategy, tools, and methods.

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Reviews requests adjustments and advises the Regional Coordinator on approving all results and deliveries from local partners/subcontractors.
  • Provides support to the Regional Office and local partners on how to plan, monitor & evaluate activities, including review and monitoring of project-based M&E plans to track results or identify gaps. Aid the global DMEL in implementing the M&E plan (tools and system).
  • Ensures timely, high-quality M&E is delivered as part of regular formal and informal donor reporting and updates and facilitates external evaluation.
  • Manages and updates Hivos internal Project Management Systems (All Solutions) and L&L-M&E system (Smartsheet)
  • Quarterly reports on the progress of LLCO, based on the timeline of the project (M&E plan)


Knowledge, experiences and competencies

  • A bachelor’s degree in communications or relevant disciplines. A master’s degree and fluent speaking and writing English are strongly recommended.
  • Relevant work experience of more than five years of setting up and coordinating communication and learning programs, preferably on Climate Justice.
  • Knowledge, experience, and commitment to gender-inclusive climate justice issues, ideally in (urban) food systems, cities, youth engagement, and multi-actor collaboration
  • Experience designing and facilitating learning activities, including participatory (research) methodologies and inclusive facilitation, online (through learning communities) and offline (through occasional in-person events).
  • Proven ability and experience to work effectively with a diverse range of people in a multicultural environment and across a decentralized global team, building impact with hybrid and blended methodologies and tools.
  • Ability to position Hivos and partners through effective communications, including writing text and other materials and supporting/coaching colleagues to ensure coherent communications across a diverse global program.
  • Experience positioning views at influential international and local levels in diverse media channels is preferred.
  • Keen understanding of relevant political and social dynamics; analytical and conceptual skills and the ability to translate these appropriative, timely actions on linking, learning, and communications.
  • Proven ability to effectively document, share, and profile lessons learned and learning processes. Ability to think and act ‘outside the box’ to increase the impact of MEL and communication activities.
  • Ability, experience, and commitment to supporting local ownership of partners, including youth.
  • Well-organized, flexible, independent, decisive, and energetic, with an entrepreneurial spirit and working attitude.
  • Experience using design programs (Adobe and others) is preferred.


What do we offer?

An inspiring and dynamic working environment, dedicated colleagues and the possibility to work for an ambitious new international initiative.

Position  graded in Grade: 9-10 (from 1-14 Yayasan’s salary grade).