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Open Contracting & Food Analyst on Localizing SDGs

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Open Contracting & Food Analyst on Localizing SDGs.


Through the Strategic Partnership program, Hivos supports independent journalists, activists, businesses and civil society organizations in their efforts to influence policies and practices in sustainable food, green and inclusive energy and open contracting both at the national and subnational level. The program is a Citizen Agency consortium funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Indonesia has issued Presidential Regulation No. 59/2017 on SDGs implementation down to the sub-national. According to the regulation, governors are expected to report the achievement of SDGs implementation at the sub-national level. This implies that localizing SDGs from the national to the sub-national level becomes important. Strategic Partnership program in Indonesia views that localizing SDGs needs to be concrete, to be implemented at the sub-national levels.

Strategic Partnership program consists of three issues (food, green, and inclusive energy) which also contributes to the achievements of SDGs in Indonesia. Energy is a prerequisite for development. Without energy, it is difficult for people to live as all of human’s activities are always involving energy; be it to prepare nutritious food, mobilizing from one place to another, lighting for evening activities, and even to enable people to make a living. However, we also believe that energy supply needs to be sustainable and contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

Female-led SMEs or SME groups require access to government’s public procurement. Meanwhile, these small scale producers producing locally-sourced food could potentially support and supported by the implementation of green public procurement at the local level. There is a need to assess the current situation, which actors are involved and how to be able to map out the needs required for further assistance in improving the provision of renewable energy. This scoping study will assess potential linkages to achieve goal 7 and 16 of the SDGs.

The program requires a team / individual to carry out a baseline research to seek possible solutions to synergize sustainable food production by small-scale food producers and transparent open contracting processes within the context of SDGs implementation at the local level in Central Java province.


Scope of work

The consultant will produce a baseline data on how open contracting processes can support the small-scale food producers at the subnational level in Central Java Province as well as in one city/regency in Central Java to be involved government procurement process.



  • Scoping study on access to government procurement by small scale food producer (Small & Medium Enterprises) in Central Java Province as well as in one city/regency in Central Java


To achieve the deliverables, consultant is expected to do the following:

  • The average income of small-scale food producer (female-led SMEs) in Central Java Province as well as in one city/regency in Central Java.
  • The relevant agencies which has meals procurement in their activities
  • The relevant local regulation with affirmative action that explicitly support local products in public procurement processes
  • The amount of female-led SMEs/SMEs groups in Central Java Province as well as in one city/regency in Central Java.
  • Availability of GRPB (Gender Responsive and Participatory Budgeting) regulation mainstream for local government program/assistance for female SMEs/SMEs groups
  • Accessibility of public information regarding public procurement for female-led SMEs and/or SME groups
  • Complaint-handling mechanism at city/regency level and its level of inclusivity, efficiency, and transparent complaint-handling procedures.



The scoping study would be conducted in October 2019 – January 2020.


Knowledge, Experiences and Competencies

We are seeking an Indonesian team / organization with the following qualities:

  • Have at least 3 years experience in SDGs issues including know how on SDG indicators in local level.
  • Have at least 5 years experience of research.
  • Have sufficient level of understanding on public procurement process and in-depth knowledge of government budgeting process.
  • Have in-depth knowledge of governance, accountability, and public participation for better public service delivery.
  • Able and flexible enough to work within and has access on relevant food, energy and open contracting (including network meetings) to gather data.
  • Good command of English.
  • Ability to demonstrate strong values on humanity.