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Project Officer Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP)

Hivos South East Asia seeks qualified candidates for the position of Project Officer (PO) Digital Defenders Partnership.

Are you committed to defending human rights offline as well as online? Do you have experience in grants management, and coordinating networks? Are you flexible, and able to contribute to a whole range of tasks within the Digital Defenders Partnership program? The DDP team would love to have you as a colleague.


The Digital Defenders Partnership (DDP) was initiated late 2012 by the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC)[1] to advance Internet freedom and to keep the internet open and free. DDP provides emergency response and sustainable protection funding; strengthens rapid responders and local protection networks and capacities, and contributes to long-term organisational safety through Fellowships. The program team consists of a Programme Manager, six Project Officers, seven Digital Integrity Fellows, a Financial Officer, and an Admin officer.

DDP’s Digital Integrity Fellowship (DIF) provides organisations, collectives, and networks with a tailored programme of accompaniment from at least one DIF Fellow for between six and 18 months, working with at least two organizational focal points. The DIF programme supports their awareness of digital security issues, the development of effective and resilient practices for digital security, and a positive contribution to the overall protection and well-being of the collective. The DDP hosts 7 fellows in different regions.

Building on the success of the DIF project to date, DDP will support the spread of this model in the coming period through the development of three regional communities of individuals and organisations who can offer this type of accompaniment to human rights organisations and networks.

DDP’s Mentorship and Field Building Project will be prototyped in 3 regions (Southeast Asia, Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa) in 2020-2021. In each region, DDP will establish networks of Fellows who will receive training and mentorship from experts in order to carry out accompaniment following the DIF model with organisations, activist networks and collectives. An initial fellow cohort in each region will undergo a two-week training and, subsequent to this, receive mentorship from two regional mentors as well as benefitting from intervision within the cohort while carrying out their accompaniments.

Your Responsibilities

The PO SEAsia reports to the DDP Project Manager and has the following responsibilities;

A. Coordinating the regional fellow team

  • Attending the field-building trainings (you have to be available in Aug 2019)
  • Administrative tasks (travel arrangement for participants of the training, assisting the lead facilitator and regional mentor fellow in planning and preparing the training)
  • Creating contracts with regional fellows, assessing monthly reports
  • Maintaining close contact with the regional fellow team; regular (Weekly) calls, ongoing availability via secure communication channels

B. Grants management

  • Assessment of applications (Emergency and sustainable Funding), due diligence and vetting (in close cooperation with the DDP grants officers in The Hague)
  • Guiding and supporting (potential) grantees
  • Partner management (creating contracts, assessment of quarterly reports, payments, communications, etc)
  • Outreach: scouting for potential new regional partners through conferences and your own, a regional network
  • Advice and Referral: Due diligence of those who are asking for support

C. M&E, Reporting, lessons learned

  • Implementing DDP M&E activities
  • Contributing to the official reporting structure to the back donors
  • Contributing to fundraising efforts to back donors
  • Presenting the DDP at regional conferences

Your profile

  • You are an excellent communicator (written and verbal) in English
  • You have a relevant (Master’s) degree
  • You are a good organizer, and able to work in different time-zones and with people from different (cultural, religious) backgrounds
  • You have knowledge of issues related to internet freedom, digital security, and working directly with human rights defenders under threat
  • You have grants management, network coordination experience
  • You are result-oriented, and a practical thinker; you are able to deal with emergency requests that come up, you don’t mind taking on any kind of administrative tasks
  • You are an Independent team player; you are able to work independently on program elements, as well as in collaboration with the DDP team and partners in the field
  • You are Strategic, critical, analytical; you like improving and co-creating project elements together with the DDP team, regional fellows and (local) stakeholders
  • You subscribe to the DDP core values (Holistic understanding, Human rights & Internet freedom, Confidentiality & Trust, Mentorship & Partnership, Inclusivity & Diversity, Not claiming but Facilitating, Quality & Expertise)
  • You are an open communicator; you are able to communicate clearly, and you are not afraid to address any ambiguity or insecurity
  • You are able to use encryption, and secure communication channels

What we offer

Employment 40 hrs/week is offered from June 2019 for the period of one year with possible extension for a longer period. Project Officer DDP graded in Grade: 9-10 (from 1-12 Hivos’s SEA salary grade), the consideration will be depends on your experience and skills. Travel costs are compensated in accordance with Hivos Regulations.

Hivos is an international organization that seeks new solutions to persistent global issues. With smart projects in the right places, we oppose discrimination, inequality, abuse of power and the unsustainable use of our planet’s resources. Counterbalance alone, however, is not enough. Our primary focus is achieving structural change. This is why we cooperate with innovative businesses, citizens and their organizations. We share a dream with them of sustainable economies and inclusive societies.

Want to know more?

For more information about this position, you can contact Frerieke van Bree, Programme Manager Digital Defenders Partnership; [email protected]

How to apply?

Please apply before 17 May 2019. We will consider to close the procedure before this date in case we receive a lot of applications and/or have found the matching candidate before this date.

Both a letter of motivation and resume need to be submitted in English to Hivos via e-mail to [email protected] with reference code: PO DDP.

Interviews will take place in the weeks of 22 and 27 May 2019 and can take place over secure online communication means.

Opened position for national level / Indonesian nationality.



[1] www.freedomonlinecoalition.com Partnership of 30 governments to advance Internet freedom.