Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial

Project Officer Inclusive Public Space

Hivos seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for the position of Project Officer Inclusive Public Space.


The issue of social polarization and community segregation in Indonesia have been growing massively both online and offline over the past three years. As political contestation has promoted sectarianism and reduced social cohesion among society, communities have been divided into physical public spaces.  Decreasing physical contact among communities reinforces the division and weaken social inclusion. In times of escalated social polarization, the existence of green public space is requisite to mend the distant interaction among city dwellers.

Hivos believes, in order to preserve diversity within Indonesian society and strengthen social cohesion as well as inclusion, we need to transform public spaces into neutral and inclusive platforms. Public spaces such as parks can play a key role in bringing together member of communities from different backgrounds.  Furthermore, by fostering a participatory approach in managing the public spaces, we can ensure the marginalized group can benefit from the spaces. Through transforming public spaces in the urban area, Hivos hopes to inspire citizens to use them to build an inclusive community. Hivos encourages local communities, particularly those from minority groups, to voice their aspirations of public spaces and to initiate collaborations among communities. In 2018, Hivos Hub SEA received the Idea Accelerator fund to pursue these objectives through a project namely “Inclusive Public Space.”

The Inclusive public space project’s main goal is to transform public spaces to turn them into citizen-driven inclusive open public spaces. The issue of inclusivity and diversity will be addressed by catalyzing the development of a program to be implemented in public spaces. The key players will be the existing community groups that represent people of different backgrounds; the idea is to provide a place where these different groups can come together, collaborate and make a program that’s inclusive and celebrates diversity using the park as the neutral space.  To put such a concept into practice, Hivos chose Depok city as the target area. Following Hivos’s former project “Occupy Your City”, which identified green public spaces and mapped communities in Depok, the Inclusive Public Space aim to connect the communities, particularly those representing minorities, with the government and private sectors. So Depok can achieve the citizen-driven and inclusive public spaces.

For this purpose, Hivos wishes to commission a Project Officer to support the successful implementation of the project. When necessary, the Project Officer will also support other social innovation project.

Project Officer will report to PDM and work closely with the Finance Officer, Knowledge and Learning Manager, Project Officer Knowledge and Innovation (SCI) at Global Office.


Scope of Work

Program Implementation

  • Lead day-to-day the main activities (arrange events, engage in the local government advocacy, etc.)
  • Coordinate consultants or liaise with partner organization in implementing project activities.
  • Lead the publication of tool, video, and other related campaign materials.
  • Actively promote the project activities and results through social media platform and events.
  • Lead the implementation of Idea Accelerator program under Freedom and Accountability Cluster and, if necessary, other social innovation project events or activities.

Program Development Support

  • Together with project manager develop the project concept to be scaled up.
  • Together with project manager identify potential partners and donors.
  • Together with project manager and Hivos’ Idea Accelerator team develop concept note or proposal for fundraising

Program Administration

  • Monitor project budget execution and ensure project spending remains on track.
  • Assist with the preparation of all necessary documents and administrative requirements for contractual commitments with partner organizations and consultants according to existing procedures, including data entry and data management in Hivos’s information management system (Osiris).
  • Neatly and correctly file all project documentation (hard and soft copies) and ensure it can be found for audits.
  • Manage the timely receipt and processing of partner narrative and financial reports; provide feedback if necessary.



  • Progress report
  • Well-monitored project activities in accordance with project plan (event report and action points)
  • Contract with consultants/partner
  • Concept note for project scale-up


Knowledge, experiences and competencies

The requirements for the Candidate are the followings:

  • Have at least 1-year experience in running media/youth/innovation program.
  • Have in-depth knowledge on community engagement and social innovation
  • Ability to demonstrate strong values on humanity, including pluralism and peace.
  • Extensive network of contacts in the media, social media, youth-based initiative, civil society, community organisations, particularly in Jakarta, Bekasi and Depok.
  • Open-minded and creative approach with experience in Human-centered Design is a plus.
  • A practical, result-driven attitude towards obtaining positive change.


What do we offer?

An inspiring and dynamic working environment, dedicated colleagues and the possibility to work for an ambitious new international initiative.