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Simultaneous Interpreter for Local Open Contracting Initiative Regional Workshop

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Simultaneous Interpreter for Local Open Contracting Initiative Regional Workshop.


Open contracting is “about publishing and using open, accessible and timely information on government contracting to engage citizens and businesses in identifying and fixing problems.”  As a process, open contracting is a commitment by data holders (often governments) to engage a variety of stakeholders, including citizens and the private sector, in meaningful discussion about procurement performance. It requires publication of procurement data in an open and structured format to enable dialogue and data use by independent parties.

In May 2019, the Local Open Contracting Initiative (LOCI) was launched by Hivos together with its collaborative partners. The aim was to introduce a platform that works with and supports champions and reformers in government, civil society and the private sector to implement ambitious local OC initiatives. The overall goal is to support actors striving to make public contracting more efficient, transparent and accountable to deliver better public goods and services, save money and create a level play-field with fair competition for the private sector.

As part of its key activities, a regional workshop will be organized with representatives from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand with the aim of:

  1. Supporting peer learning between   practitioners implementing OC initiatives at the subnational level;      b. practitioners implementing OC initiatives at the subnational level and national level; and c. practitioners who are in the design phase to those who are in an advanced implementation phase.
  2. Broker access by subnational practitioners to capacity development and support on-demand   Being demand-driven     , we will broker access to advise      on strategy, technology, and data from experts in countries or regions.
  3. Showcase subnational experiences and achievements to inspire more realistic, specific and ambitious commitments around open contracting and to spark a more vigorous dialogue between subnational and national governments and civil society.

There will be three groups of participants from      (a) the LOCI core group, (b) local governments potentially      interested in implementing procurement reforms, and (c) civil society partners. Representatives from the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP), Open Government Partnership (OGP), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will be invited.

To facilitate those who are not bilingual (in English or Indonesian), we will recruit a simultaneous interpreter to allow non-bilingual participants communicate to each other without language barrier as well as to allow participants to be actively involved in the event.

Scope of Work

The consultant will interpret from English to Indonesia and/ or Indonesia to English during event.


  • Interpreting direct communications from facilitator(s)/resource person(s) (English) to participants (Indonesia).
  • Interpreting direct communications from participants (Indonesia) to facilitator(s)/participant(s) (English).
  • Interpreting any discussion between participants (Indonesia) to facilitators (English)


The LOCI Regional Workshop will be held in Manila, Philippines, 3 – 4 March 2020

Knowledge, experiences and competencies

We are seeking a candidate with the following qualities:

  • Excellent command of Indonesian
  • Experienced in whispered interpreting or simultaneous interpreting
  • Experience in simultaneous interpreting in 20-30 participants workshop with portable interpreting device is preferable
  • Knowledge about good governance, government procurement & transparency issues is an advantage
  • Good command of English.