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Re-Ads: Website Developer/ Designer for Women Unlimited Project Website

Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of Website Developer/ Designer for Women Unlimited Project Website.


In 2016, Hivos developed a website that provides information about women leaders and experts in Indonesia. The website was used to help media/organization/institution in finding the right resource persons for their activities. With this poll of women resources, it is expected that media or other institutions face difficulty when they try to find a specific female expert. The comprehensive information about each woman will be available. Hence, there will be no more excuse from anybody to exclude women from the public discourse.

However, based on the input from the users, the website is not friendly and still difficult for user to find the right resource person. Therefore, Hivos would like to re-design and re-develop the website. Hivos would like to seek the services of a professional web developer/designer to assist us in re-creating this website. The company we are looking for should have a track record of success in designing and producing digital solutions, and who will be able to assist us in presenting WomenUnlimited in an innovative, modern, organized attractive and user-friendly manner.

Scope of work

The consultant is expected to:

  • The chosen company will participate in a debriefing session with the WomenUnlimited team to understand the overall project and expectations.
  • Based on the debriefing session and this TOR, the company will develop a design concept for the site.
  • The company will adjust the concept based on feedback and comments from the WomenUnlimited team.
  • The company will develop the visual concept and language for the site, including the different components as outlined in the TOR and adjusting it based on feedback/comments.
  • Create responsive CSS and graphic design elements.
  • Integration and final approval by WomenUnlimited team.
  • Test site before going live.

Terms of Employment

  • The duration of the contract will be six months with the expected start date as 01 February 2020.
  • A debriefing call will be scheduled with the company to brief them on the background information to develop the requested deliverables.
  • The company will work in close consultation with the WE LEAD Program Manager and the Project Communication Officer. They will follow up on the design process and answer any questions related to the content/documents. They will also conduct the assessment of the services and outputs of the company.

Qualifications and Experiences

  • Reputable firm with at least 3 years of prior experience designing visually appealing and navigation friendly websites;
  • Familiarity and relevant experience in using different CMS, particularly WordPress;
  • Have a broad knowledge of current web development technologies and design tools in the field, and new software and other web programming languages and programs including use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Macromedia Flash, Java;
  • Have excellent knowledge of recent trends in graphic design, web sites, including online video publishing, and social media networking;
  • Demonstrate the ability to create innovative and visually appealing design.