Hivos charts new strategic course

Civic Rights in A Digital Age (CRIDA)

Hivos charts new strategic course

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We find ourselves at a moment in time when the true extent of the challenges facing the world has been thrown into stark relief. To ensure Hivos remains well-equipped to address these challenges – together with our partners and allies – we have adopted a new strategic direction.

In a nutshell, Hivos will bring more focus to its programs, deepen its commitment to local leadership and decentralization, and redesign its organization. Our Strategic Compass 2021 – 2024 explains the choices we have made to continue to fulfil our mission: strengthening, amplifying and connecting rightsholders’ voices that call for just, inclusive and life-sustaining societies.

We have decided to write a compass rather than a detailed strategic plan because the pace with which the world is changing requires our strategy to adapt quickly to new realities. Another reason is that local ownership demands that local priorities and activities determine larger programs and funding. This is not possible if Hivos has very specific or strict strategic and program plans that partner organizations must adjust to.

Strategic Compass 2021 – 2024
Strategic Compass 2021 – 2024
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>Programmatic focus

One crucial change is that Hivos will focus on three impact areas: Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Climate Justice; and Civic Rights in a Digital Age. It is in these areas where major social and political transitions take place. And based on our 50-year track record, it is here where we can achieve real impact with our partners.

Our organization

Over the past months, we have prepared to align Hivos’ organizational structure with the ambitions formulated in the Strategic Compass. This restructuring is also a reflection of our decision to increase the ownership of the people we serve.  Therefore, implementation and management of new programs will be decentralized to our regional hubs. With the introduction of two new departments (Strategy & Impact and Business Development), our Global Office in The Hague will function primarily as a strategic tool supporting our regional offices.

Looking ahead

We see Hivos as an exciting network of courageous and inventive partners and allies, and believe our new direction allows us to best support that network. This year, we will call upon the extensive knowledge of our colleagues and partners around the world. Together, we will develop our program agenda, refine our intervention strategies, and advance local leadership and ownership, thereby enabling and supporting the visions and activities of partner organizations and activists.